How to Mix and Match Cute Outfits from your Capsule Wardrobe

One of the keys to having a cute capsule wardrobe is being able to mix and match the pieces. Here’s a few tips on how to make that work for you!

Mixing Up Your Wardrobe

Have you ever stood in your closet and stared at a full rod of clothes and felt like you have nothing to wear? 

Did you do that this morning?  Or do you feel like you do it every morning?

If you’ve got too many choices, or too many pieces of clothing that you just can’t picture together you need to see our series on the How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe

If you’ve already started your Capsule Wardrobe and you’re struggling putting to put all the pieces together we’ve got some help for you.  You need a mix and match wardrobe.

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How to Repeat Outfits Stylishly

One of the best and worst parts of the capsule wardrobe is that it’s limited.  I have less decisions to make, but I also have less choices.

So you see how this can be a good thing and a bad thing right?  

I mean, it’s super easy to get ready in the morning, but at some point don’t we all feel like we’ve worn everything in our closets at least a dozen times?  I might have felt that way before I had a capsule wardrobe too, because I was still only wearing the same amount of clothes. 

But back to mixing  and matching.

The key is figuring out how to repeat outfits and mixing and matching our wardrobe so that we can get as many outfits out of each individual piece as possible.

It’s not realistic to think that we won’t repeat outfits.  In fact, I have a couple of outfits that I love and I’d be happy wearing them every single day.  Of course the people that see me everyday would probably wonder. 

Well they probably already wonder, but this might take it to a whole new level.

I am an outfit repeater.  I admit it.

It’s not something to be ashamed of is it? 

Repeating outfits forces me to be creative when I’m shopping. 

Every piece of clothing I own has to earn it’s spot in my wardrobe.  When I’m shopping I look for pieces that will work with the ones I already own.

I also think that it’s a gift to be able to wear an outfit that I love repeatedly and to make it take on another look.  It does take a little bit of practice and inspiration though.

That’s why we have styling tricks. 

We can wear the same “basic” outfit, the capsule of our wardrobe, and make it look like new.  Learning to mix and match your wardrobe is easy to do with a few accessories and tips.

If you’ve mastered the mix and match wardrobe style then please share your tips!  We are always looking for inspiration!

If you’re looking for some tips then read on!

Observe the Calendar

In a mix and match wardrobe you want to be sure that you observe the calendar so that you're not wearing the same outfit, the same day each week. Or to the same meeting each time.

The easiest way to repeat an outfit is just to pay attention to the last time you wore it.  Give it some space by waiting a few days or a few weeks before you wear it again. 

The other side of that is if you attend a monthly meeting, your probably don’t want to wear the same outfit each and every month.

Or if you’re like me, maybe you do.  Dare that crowd to notice!  Or I guess dare that crowd to say something about it.

Calendar spacing is a good rule to follow with eye catching statement pieces.  If you’re wearing bright colors or prints you may have to be more careful about wearing them often.  Those pieces will be noticed and remembered more often than the basics.

Solid colors and jeans just defy this rule.  We’re so used to seeing jeans, are we really going to notice that it’s the same pair? 

Black pants?  You can wear the same pair of those each day and who will notice? 

Well your 4 year old will for sure, and maybe your husband, but most other people will not.

Accessorize Your Mix and Match Wardrobe

What can we say?  Accessories are a girl’s best friend.  I mean we all love a great pair of earrings and it’s a fantastic way to add some style without investing a lot of cash.

Shoes, bags and jewelry can change the look of any outfit.  Changing up your accessories can take a work outfit to the night club, just take off those practical shoes and put on some stiletto’s, dangle earrings and bright lipstick.

You can take your “day wear” of jeans and a t-shirt to “going out” status by adding a stacked heel, a scarf or cardigan and some bracelets.  Same outfit, different accessories.


If you notice in this photo the only real change is shoes, a scarf, earrings and a brighter lipstick.  These aren’t substantial changes but they completely change the look, and the attitude, of this outfit. 

Small changes can have a huge impact.

Mix and Match Wardrobe Strategy


Just swapping out an accessory in an outfit can change the look of it. 

Layering is also a great way to change up your basics.  A scarf or cardigan changes the look and those will be the details that draw the eye.

This is where that favorite jacket can come into play.  You can wear a jacket with multiple outfits, or you can switch up the jacket so that your outfit is completely different.  


Notice how the jacket gives a different meaning to the whole outfit here.  She goes from casual, to nice, to dressy in the same striped dress.  The dress doesn’t change, but the jacket and accessories do. 

Small changes, big impact. 

Be sure to check out the instagram account of @sassysistershopper for lot’s of wardrobe inspiration and ideas.

Don’t forget Your Hairstyle

If you’ve got short hair add a brightly colored headband or a scarf. 

If you’ve got longer hair, try a ponytail or messy bun. 

Remember, small changes make a big impact.

I’m actually in the opposite camp.  I wear a ponytail almost every day.  Well, actually a messy bun is more my style.  So actually styling my hair is a change!


Upgrade Your Basic Mix and Match Wardrobe

One of the best things about your capsule is upgrading your basics. 

Be sure that your basic capsule wardrobe pieces are the best quality you can afford and take good care of them.  Make sure they fit and flatter you and that they’re comfortable.  Those essential pieces for each season should easily mix and match to help you form more outfits.

Check out How to Find the Best Styles for Your Capsule Wardrobe for more ideas on building up your basics.  Having a great pair of jeans, a cute dress, simple tops and a good quality handbag and shoes will be easy to mix and match without looking like you’re trying not to repeat them.


Audrey at Putting Me Together is a great resource for mix and match wardrobe ideas.  I would recommend checking out her series on One Piece Many Ways for inspiration.  Just looking at the photo’s of ways to wear a striped dress should give you lot’s of inspiration on how to mix and match with this style.  Sometimes all we need is just a bit of inspiration.


This photo collage by Just Posted uses everyone’s favorite, a chambray shirt.  If you don’t have a chambray (denim) shirt then you might think about picking one up when you see how versatile it is.  These are serious workhorses for your wardrobe.  You can wear one in any season and it’s great to layer over or under.  Candace has a series called How to Wear that has even more inspiration for you!

So do you feel like an expert at the mix and match wardrobe game? 

I’m always happy to see inspiration and it’s sure to spark some great ideas for you too!  Share your mix and match ideas with us and be sure to save this pin so you can find the information later!

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