How to Make A Springtime Simmer Pot for Fresh Smells

A springtime simmer pot is the fastest way to bring a clean fresh scent into your home. You can use organic ingredients and you can use items that you’ve already got on hand so it’s a budget saver too!

Make Your Home Smell Like Spring

Spring is in the air! 

Can you smell it? 

Fresh grass and rain showers, blooming flowers everywhere.  I sometimes think that spring is my favorite season and then summer rolls around and I think it’s my favorite season.

Spring brings new growth and freshness so it’s an exciting time of the year.  It’s a great time to find fresh veggies and fruit.  The Farmer’s Market is full of fresh herbs and flowers. 

All the wonderful scents of spring are just waiting for us to smell them!

I like to use a springtime simmer pot to get a fresh clean smell in my house right away.  Anything citrus makes my nose perk up and I think it’s also great for my mood.  I like using a simmer pot instead of candles because I can use all natural ingredients and mix and match them to my mood and the weather.

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A Lemon and Rosemary simmer pot is a fresh smell for spring for your home |

What is a Simmer Pot?

A simmer pot can also be called a stovetop potpourri. 

It’s really just a mix of fresh ingredients that you keep simmering on your stove for hours.  You may remember your grandma having a simmer pot on her stove.

A simmer pot doesn’t have artificial scents in it since it’s made from edible ingredients.  It’s a great alternative to candles and room sprays and it can also be considerably less expensive.

I love using simmer pots in the winter time to add moisture to the air when we have the heat on.  In spring they’re great to use on those windy days we can’t have the windows open.  Or during the season of pollen, which is actually considered a season in Texas.  

The best part of a simmer pot is that you’re using all natural ingredients.  If you’re not a huge fan of using artificial fragrance then this is a great way to add a clean fresh scent to your home. 

You can pick up your supplies at your grocery store, or fresh out of your garden.  You can add spices and oils right from your pantry too so what’s stopping you?

Boil lemon slices with fresh rosemary to give your home a fantastic springtime scent |

How Do I Make a Stovetop Potpourri?

Making a springtime simmer pot is super easy.  All you have to do is slice up your ingredients and put them in a pot of water. 

You’ll want to use enough water to cover everything you put in the pot.  Then just set it on your back burner and turn the heat on to low.  Be sure to check your water level every once in awhile to make sure you still have plenty, you don’t want to burn your ingredients.

You can also make your simmer pot in your crock pot, just be sure to follow the same rules.

You can use items that you have on hand and it’s easy to experiment to see which scent combinations you find the most appealing.

Ingredients for a Lemon Rosemary Springtime Simmer Pot

For this simple recipe we used

You can also add a few drops of vanilla to give the scent a little more depth.

Instructions for the Simmer Pot

  • Place all the ingredients in a pot
  • Fill with water
  • Simmer on low
  • Add more water as needed

You can use the same pot and ingredients for a couple of days and it will still smell amazing. We love Le Creuset saucepan and when we are feeling fancy, we grab this beautiful cutting board and colored knives. 

La Creuset Saucepan on Amazon

This simple DIY project will make your entire home smell so fresh. It will last throughout the day, even after you’ve stopped simmering your ingredients.  You can store them in the fridge or leave them on the back of the stove and warm them up the following day.

Fresh sliced lemon is a great addition for a simmer pot for spring |

Other Ingredients to Try in Your Springtime Simmer Pot

While this is the easiest recipe in our house there are so many variations and ingredients that you can use to give your house a springtime scent.  Here are a few ideas to try, just mix and match to see what you like the best.  If you’re in the produce department you can usually hold the items next to each other and get a feeling for how they work together.

Fresh Rosemary and Sliced Lemon are great additions to a spring time simmer pot to make your home smell amazing |
  • Citrus Fruits – Lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit
  • Herbs – Mint, Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme
  • Oils – Vanilla, Almond

You can also use the peels of your citrus fruit, they will smell just as amazing as the whole fruit and it’s a great way to use them after you eat a delicious grapefruit or orange.

So which are your favorite springtime scents?  Have you tried using them in a springtime simmer pot?  Let us know in the comments below so we can try them out too!

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Yield: 1 Afternoon of Sweet Smells

Simmer Pot for a Fresh Home

Simmer Pot for a Fresh Home

A springtime simmer pot to get a fresh clean smell in your house right away. Using all natural ingredients, that can be mixed and matched based on your mood and the season.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10.00


  • 2 lemons (or lemon essential oil)
  • A handful of rosemary (or rosemary essential oil)
  • 5 drops of vanilla
  • Water


  • Saucepan
  • Cutting Board
  • Knife


  1. Place all of the ingredients in the pot and fill the pot with water.
  2. Simmer on low.
  3. Add additional water as needed throughout the day.


This also works in a crockpot if that's your preference. This is a great way to use your citrus peels and will smell just as great!

Other options that work well are

  • Citrus Fruits – Lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit
  • Herbs – Mint, Rosemary, Lavender, Thyme
  • Oils – Vanilla, Almond

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