Spring Mason Jar Craft Ideas for You to Make

Are you ready for some new and exciting spring mason jar craft ideas?

Well we’ve got some for you!

We know you’ve probably seen a few ways to use mason jars but we’re sure that you haven’t seen all these great ideas.

Mason jars are one of our favorite items to pick up at thrift stores or garage sales because there is just no end to all the creative ways to use them.

So here are some fun and fresh ideas for you to use this spring!

Supplies for DIY Spring Mason Jar Crafts

Each of these projects will vary what supplies you might need to complete them. Of course mason jars of different sizes are going to be the key to every project but here are a few other supplies you might need:

  • Spray Paint
  • Chalk Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Fabric Scraps

Those are for your basic projects and then you’ll need garden supplies for the garden jars, recipes for the dessert jars, and maybe a few other items to complete some of the projects.

The key is to have fun and make something creative!

Mason Jar Succulent Planters via Yarner

Via: yarner.blogspot.com

Painted Succulent Planters

We absolutely love the way mason jars look when they’re painted and distressed. This is a fabulous look for the farmhouse style or cottage style decor.

These painted mason jars are filled with succulents, which are another fan favorite around here. Succulents are some of the easiest plants to care for and there are plenty of fun and interesting ones to choose from.

I’m a Yarner has an easy tutorial to follow and lots of other fun projects on her site.

via: ohmycreative

Build A Terrarium

Here’s another fun garden idea for your home and you can use succulents or other small houseplants. Spring really is a great time to start a garden isn’t it?

A terrarium is an easy garden and it’s also a fun project for kids to make so gather up your supplies and get to gardening.

via awholenewworld

Create a Hanging Garden

If you’ve got a window in your kitchen it’s a great place to start a garden. Even better you can make a hanging garden that doesn’t take up much space.

You can use your mason jars to grown herbs to cook with or a variety of house plants for decor. The only limit here is your imagination.

Glitter and painted centerpieces for a spring mason jars craft.
via Pinterest

Dainty Painted and Glittered Centerpiece

These are a great centerpiece and you can adjust the colors according to any celebration that you’re planning.

For best results you’ll want to spray paint the jars before you add glitter, that way you won’t have areas that are clear.

A few items that you need to make these spring mason jars are:

  • Mason jars
  • Spray Paint
  • Spray Glue
  • Glitter

You’ll also definitely want to do this project with a table covering or drop cloth to avoid having glitter everywhere!

Pallet Mason Jar Vase via UnOriginalmom.com

Via: unoriginalmom.com

Mason Jar Welcome Vase

This is a cute welcome project for your front door or hanging near it. We are always looking for great ways to do something a little more unique than a round wreath. You can see a few more of our unique ideas here.

We love so many of the DIY projects at unOriginal.mom so you should check out her site to see more inspiration!

Mason Jar Craft Organizer for your desk via DecoArt Blog

via: DecoArt Blog

Mason Jar Desk Organizers

This is a great way to use a variety of sizes of mason jars, or really any other jars that you have around. We’re all looking for creative ways to get organized these days and these are so fun.

I can already tell you that on a desk they can hold pens, pencils and paperclips but in our craft area they’ll hold pins, clothespins, tacks and all kinds of beads and baubles.

We should all make sure that our organizing is pretty!

Lace Mason Jars via modpodgerocksblog
via Mod Podge Rocks

Graphic Laced Mason Jars

We don’t know if you’d count black and white as a spring mason jar craft but these are just fantastic for year round! There are so many places to use this in our homes that we are excited to try them.

If you’re not a fan of black you could use another color for the background and they’d have a completely different look to them.

But that black with lace is just so graphic.

Chalkboard Mason Jar Vase via The Country Chic Cottage
via: The Country Chic Cottage

Chalkboard Mason Jars

These chalkboard mason jars are a great idea for weddings and parties, or for a centerpiece. The bonus is that you can erase the message and write a new one each time.

If you used a large jar it would make a great crock for wooden spoons. Wouldn’t that be a nice house warming gift?

via: Hometalk

Mason Jar Luminaries

Here’s a fun project that involves marbles and glue! These mason jars definitely make a great play on the lights inside of them and they’ll look great on your porch or your table.

This project doesn’t involve too much drying time but it will take awhile to line up all your marbles.

Citronella Mason Jar Candles via Live a Little Wilder Blog
via: livealittlewilderblog

Citronella Candle in a Mason Jar

Here in Central TX citronella candles are everywhere. Because mosquito’s are everywhere. It’s a given that bug spray and candles are part of any outdoor gathering in the spring and fall here.

These torches are pretty and less expensive than most of the ones we’ve seen. You can easily refill them and reuse them season after season.

Mason Jar Candles via Something Turquoise
via: somethingturquoise

Mason Jar Candle

To say that we love candles is an understatement. We LOVE candles. Love, love, love them.

Do you get the picture there?

This is one of the best step by step tutorials that we’ve seen on making your own candles. Anytime we find a great DIY tutorial we’re going to share it and this ones. worth checking out!

Click here to find the full tutorial on how to make these candles.

Check out our inspiration for how to create a beautiful oil lamp WildflowersAndWanderlust.com

Mason Jar Oil Candles

These candles, or torches, are so quick and easy to make. There’s no end to how many ways you can customize these for any party or event, or even just to add some decor to your home.

You can find the full tutorial to make some of your own!

Fishnet wrapped mason jar via It All Started with Paint
via: itallstartedwithpaint

Coastal Mason Jar Craft

Here’s a great mason jar craft for your coastal decor. This looks cute on a shelf or add a votive and you’ve got a hurricane lamp for your porch or patio.

The full tutorial also showcases one of our favorite activities, which is macrame. If you haven’t tried macrame yet then this will be a great project to try it on.

Animal Mason Jars via Color Made Happy
via: ColorMadeHappy

Mason Jar Critters

These are super cute spring critters to make! They can hold school supplies and they’re a fun teacher gift!

This is definitely a cute craft that kids can help with. Let them decorate the faces once the base paint is dry and make it a fun family craft.

Hope Mason Jar Centerpiece via Etsy
via: Etsy

Simple Easter Centerpiece

This is very much a spring mason jar craft, but if you don’t feel crafty you can purchase this project ready to go on Etsy.

This is a great way to use up your scraps of burlap and it’s not too tough of a job, but it will take some time. First you have to paint your mason jars, then glue on your burlap and embellish it.

Then just add flowers and you’ve got a beautiful centerpiece.

Tinted Mason Jars via Say Yes
via: SayYes

Tinted Mason Jars

If you’ve ever spent any time looking for tinted mason jars you might be surprised by how expensive they are.

Well here’s a great spring mason jar craft that will save you lot’s of money and also give you lot’s of style.

All you need to create this project is some food coloring and Mod Podge and you’ll have some of your very own tinted mason jars in any color you choose.

You can find a great tutorial to make these right HERE.

Fabric Lined Mason jars via Dwelling Happiness
via: dwellinghappiness

Floral Lined Mason Jars

It seems that mason jars and Mod Podge work well together for a lot of different styles.

You can use strips of fabric and create a spring mason jar craft to decorate your home. This easy project will make a pretty vase or holder.

Tip: Don’t forget that your Mod Podge has to dry before it becomes transparent.

Dessert served in a mason jar via Girl Inspired
via Girl Inspired

Dessert Served in a Mason Jar

Now you may or may not consider a dessert as a spring mason jar craft but we couldn’t resist.

What could be better than a fun salad or cobbler served in a mason jar? Maybe it’s a southern thing but we absolutely love the look.

Well, we love cobbler and pudding too so there’s that too.

And there you have it, spring mason jar rafts that you can DIY!

Would you like some more fun spring crafts? Check these out:

Here are some fun spring mason jar crafts that you can DIY.

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