The Best Washi Tape Projects to DIY This Weekend

If you’ve got some washi tape then we’ve got some washi tape projects for you to try! Read on for inspiration and ideas!

The fun part about being around creative people is that they have endless ways of taking an item and making it so much more fun and decorative than how it started.  It makes a fun challenge to start with a plain utilitarian item and make it into a project. 

Boy do we have some washi tape projects for you!

If you’re not familiar with all the things that you can do with washi tape then you need to start exploring.  This is such an inexpensive way to decorate anything. 

I’m not even kidding, you can just stick it on and peel it off so you can change it up all the time.  It will stick to any smooth surface and it’s removable, so it’s not a huge commitment either.

Washi tape is an acid free tape that is made out of paper.  Not your average paper, every paper you can possibly imagine. 

Every color, every pattern.  You.  Can.  Imagine.

If you haven’t already started your collection then you might want to get your wallet out because you’re going to be inspired by all these washi tape projects. 

Once you pick up a roll of washi tape you’re going to want more and more of it.  And then of course you’ll think of all kinds of great ideas of how to use it.

Believe us when we say that it’s not even for taping things together. 

I mean you can use it for taping things together, it is tape.  But it’s so much more than tape.  It’s more than a sticker. 

Well, just read on and check out some of these creative things that you can do with it.  

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Washi Tape Projects for You to Try

Wrap Your Cords

Claim your cords by wrapping them with washi tape - it's a great way to know which goes to what via @diycraftsbyabby featured on
via @diycraftsbyabby

You might just want to make your cord prettier or you can use this is as a great way to identify cords and keep them all straight.  Washi tape wrapped around the cord is a great way to accomplish both of these items. 

You can always just pick one color to use or go crazy and make a pattern.  Now you’ll never get your cords mixed up again, and you’ll be able to identify which cord goes to which item (or which person in our house).

Create A Custom Phone Case

Use washi tape to customize a phone case |

You can pick up a clear phone case and use washi tape to decorate it any way you want.  Or you can just stick the tape right to your phone.  Remember when we said it wasn’t a huge commitment?   

You can change that pattern every time you change your clothes!  But if you do that please share it so we can follow along!

Make Mini Bunting

Making mini bunting out of washi tape is a quick and easy embellishment for a gift or card |
via Annixen

Bunting is always a fun item to use for decorations and it’s so easy to make your own.  We love using bunting for celebrations and washi tape bunting is no different. 

You can make mini bunting for a cake topper or use it on a greeting card.  All you need is some string and some washi tape.  Ready, set, go!

Decorate a Notebook

It only takes a few minutes to decorate a notebook with washi tape and give it a whole new look |
via Pinterest

This is one of the washi tape projects that we always enjoy!

Isn’t it true that we’re drawn to pretty patterns more often than a basic color?  Pretty things make us feel good when we look at them and if you’re needing inspiration to use your journal or make a list more often why not try jazzing it up with washi tape?  You can create a one of a kind design and it will inspire you every time you see it.

DIY Custom Makeup Brushes

Make a set of makeup brushes from all the ones you actually own by decorating the handles with washi tape |

Raise your hand if you don’t have an assortment of makeup brushes? 

Yep, that’s what I thought.  They’re hiding in the back of a drawer or in a dark closet because they don’t match or they’re different brands right?  Well washi tape to the rescue.  Just wrap those mismatched handles and now you’ve got a new set of matching and pretty makeup brushes.

Make Washi Tape Feathers

Washi Tape Feathers via @beautifulchaos1910 featured on

We love these washi tape feathers! 

Of course you can make them in any pattern and color imaginable but won’t they make a fun surprise tucked into a notebook or lunchbox? 

Use them as a bookmark, or add some string and a bead and hang them from an embroidery hoop to make a colorful mobile.  Poke them into a flowerpot for a bright touch of color.  Or just lay them on your coffee table because they’re pretty and they make us smile!

Decorate Binder Clips

Use washi tape to take your binder clips from ordinary to extraordinary by @nubiaplans featured on

Just add a dab of glitter tape and you’ll have some super fancy binder clips.

The black binder clips can be boring but those pretty ones can be really pricey.  Bring in a couple of rolls of washi tape and you can make them any color you want and dress up those boring reports and stacks of paper.

Washi Tape Projects to Organize Your Keys

Organize your keys with washi tape.  It looks great and makes them easy to identify. via @ms.natureinspired featured on

What can we even say about this washi tape project?  Use colors and patterns to identify your keys and to make them pretty.  This should be on every organizer’s list!

Washi Tape Your Nails

Did you know that you can use washi tape to decorate your nails?  via @washimoshi featured on

This is so much easier than using polish to decorate our nails. 

Go ahead and stick your pretty tape on and put a coat of clear polish over the top to make them a little more durable.  You can make them match or make them all different. 

This is another project that you can change with every outfit.  We know there’s someone out there doing it and we know that you’ve got the imagination to make this one beautiful.

Decorate Clothespins

Decorate your own clips and  use them for holding photos or chip clips  via @premipro_arts featured on

We use clothespins for all kinds of things.  We have dyed, painted and used them plain but this is by far the easiest way to decorate them.  And of course they’re so much more fun than the brown clothespins.  Which makes using them way more fun. 

Our favorite uses are for closing bags of chips.  I mean sometimes we have chips left over and we want to save them.

We also love to have a string across a wall or window with clips.  We can change out the photos and at the holidays it’s where we keep all of our greeting cards.

Our Washi Tape Projects (so far)

DIY a Greeting Card

Make an Easy Birthday Cake Card and check out all of our other washi tape projects!

We used some paper and washi tape to create an easy Birthday Card.  You can check out this one and a few other ideas by clicking over to our Washi Tape Birthday Cards

What have you used your washi tape for?  Show us your pictures and ideas and keep them coming because there’s no end to the creativity!

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