14 Easy and Creative Macrame Projects to DIY

We’ve done a few macrame projects here and now we’re sharing a list of fun projects that you can get the free tutorials for!

Macrame projects can be so very easy to make all the way up to some crazy patterns that are very time consuming, but not necessarily hard to make.

If you’ve just started trying a few macrame projects we think you’ll find that once you’ve mastered a few knots you can easily move on to bigger projects. The knots aren’t harder, it’s just usually a bigger pattern or bigger project.

Here are some free projects you can try whether you’re just starting out or you’re advanced at the craft!

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Easy Macrame Projects for You to Try:

We’ll start off with a few easier macrame projects and then advance to harder ones. Once you have a little confidence we think the hardest part is just figuring out how much material you’re going to need for a project.

Macrame Bracelet by Honestly WTF

Macrame Bracelet project by Honestly WTF
by Honestly WTF

Most of us probably learned to make a square knot at some point in our childhood and friendship bracelets were definitely a thing.

This is just a beautiful update on these very easy to make bracelets. Check it out for a refresher on how to make the square knot and add some pretty jewels to yours as well!

Macrame Coaster by Wildflowers and Wanderlust

Macrame coaster project by Wildflowers and Wanderlust.
by Wildflowers and Wanderlust

We think this is one of the easiest project to make. Right up there with the friendship bracelets!

It is basically one knot over and over, the hardest part is just making sure you don’t pull too tight and make it wrinkled as you go along. Check out the post for the tutorial.

Macrame Bookmark by Koel

Macrame Bookmark project by KOEL

This bookmark has a beautiful pattern and is easily made, again, with just one knot. The key here is the spacing which gives it this gorgeous pattern.

KOEL is showing it as a bookmark but we think it would also make a lovely bracelet!

Easy Macrame Wall Hanging by Brit.Co

Macrame Projects - Wall Hanging by Brit.Co
by Brit.Co

This is a large scale project and our favorite thing about it what you actually use to make it!

Hint – it’s a great way to recycle when you’re cleaning out your closet but you’ll have to go visit them to find the easy tutorial and the materials to use!

DIY Macrame Necklace by The Merry Thought

A macrame necklace project by The Merry Thought
by The Merry Thought

If you love the boho or western look this is a gorgeous necklace to make! The tutorial is short but there are links to the specific knots so that you can complete all the steps easily!

Macrame Hex Nut Bracelet by Mini Eco

Macrame Hex Nut bracelet by Mini Eco
by Mini Eco

This bracelet take a few knots and adds hex nuts for some fun interest. You can substitute the hex nuts for plastic or wood beads and still follow the same tutorial.

The tutorial is super easy to follow because it shows two different colors of cording, which makes it a lot easier to visualize how the knots form together! Enjoy.

Giant Macrame Rope Lights by Vintage Revivals

Macrame Rope Light project by Vintage Revivals
by Vintage Revivals

This stunning project may look hard but it’s essentially tying the same knot over and over again. Vintage Revivals shares a detailed tutorial including photo’s and video to see how this comes together and we think you’re going to love it!

We’re already spying all kinds of places that we can use it in our offices!

Advanced Macrame Projects To Try

Once you’ve gotten the hang of a few different knots you’ll figure out that saying something is advanced might not be as difficult as some other types of projects.

There are a few that might be tough, but mostly they take a lot more time and space. Think of much bigger projects and give one a try!

Boho Macrame Wall Hanging by Foxy Twine

by Foxy Twine

This is considered a beginner project but it’s not one that you’d want to try for a very first project.

It’s not that it’s a super hard project, but it might be intimidating to try this early in your journey. So even though it’s not considered advanced, we think you’ll want to try a few others before taking this on!

Bohemian Mirror by Made In A Day

by Made In a Day

Here’s an easier project that will look amazing in your home! We think the fun shaped mirror really adds a lot of interest to this project!

Kim does an amazing job with her tutorial and shows each step precisely so that you’ll be able to whip out this project in no time!

A Gorgeous Camera Strap by Lovely Indeed

by Lovely Indeed

If you’re still using a camera then you’re definitely going to want to make this very fancy camera strap to wear around your neck. I also keep thinking that this would make a really great belt!

Check out the tutorial to get all the tips on making your own camera strap!

Create a Designer Hat by Free Macrame Patterns

by Free Macrame Patterns

I think we can file this one under very advanced.

This project is amazing and the tutorial is very detailed. We aren’t sure that we have enough patience to try and tackle it but maybe if we spend some time snowed in this winter it will become a great project to work on!

Macrame Chandelier by Collective Gen

DIY Macrame Chandelier by Collective Gen
by Collective Gen

This is a gorgeous addition to any space and you can make it using an upcycled lamp shade that you can thrift!

Collective Gen has a great tutorial showing each step of this process and they also have an incredible amount of DIY projects on their site so be sure to spend some time exploring!

Mandala Wreath Macrame Project by Melanie Ham

Mandala Wreath macrame project by Melanie Ham
by Melanie Ham

Step by step instructions make this tutorial easy to follow, and you can create it in sections so that will build your confidence as you go around the circle creating this DIY Mandala.

A Macrame Curtain by A Beautiful Mess

DIY Macrame Curtain by A Beautiful Mess
by A Beautiful Mess

Here’s a fun curtain that you can use to add some interest to a space if you don’t want to completely cover it up. The hardest part of this project is managing the super long pieces of cording while you macrame!

This is another perfect tutorial because they use different colors of cording to help you visualize each of the knots and steps in the process which makes it a lot clearer!

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