7 Easy to Make Crochet Dreamcatcher Patterns

We’re featuring dreamcatcher patterns that you can crochet and some include a full tutorial along with the pattern. They’re all FREE!

A dreamcatcher is a round hoop that is filled with a web, or a net. It’s thought to “catch” your dreams and has been used as a talisman to protect people from nightmares for centuries.

It’s thought that the web of the dreamcatcher absorbs bad dreams and releases them in the daytime. The feathers are meant to let good dreams fall softly onto you while you’re sleeping.

Some spiritual leaders have taught that the web inside a dreamcatcher will catch all of your good dreams while allowing the bad ones to go through the hole.

Hanging a dreamcatcher over a bed or very near to it is generally the best place to use it spiritually. Alternatively, try placing a dreamcatcher at the front door or in a window. This allows them to be the entry point for incoming energy.

The Buddhists have a similar creation that is called a mandala. Mandala actually means round in Sanskrit and it has a representation of geometric forms that represent different spiritual traditions.

You may see the terms dreamcatcher or mandala used on these patterns but the idea for the crochet pattern is similar. If you’re going to use on spiritually you may want to do more research on it, but it you’re just adding it to your boho decor we’ve got you covered.

Follow along to see some amazing dreamcatcher patterns!

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Crochet Dreamcatcher Patterns

Dreamcatchers have become a staple in most boho decor and there are so many ways to create them. Check out all these free crochet patterns so that you can DIY your own dreamcatchers for yourself or to give as a gift.

You can find the tutorials by clicking on the featured photo’s. This link will take you directly to the site that features this project in a new window.

Each of these projects that we’ve featured are free!

Mini Crochet Dreamcatcher Pattern

A mini dreamcatcher crochet pattern by Craftbits.
via Craftbits

This pattern is for a smaller sized dreamcatcher, around a 4 inch size project. You can easily scale this project up by continuing to add rows but you could also just make a series of small dreamcatchers and display them together.

The tutorial doesn’t have a guide to the abbreviations so you’ll need to be familiar with a few stitches to follow along on this one but it only features a few different stitches. The pattern is easy to follow and very detailed.

Dreamcatcher with Feathers

Here's a great crochet dreamcatcher pattern that also includes the pattern for feathers.  Find it on Craftbits.com
via Craftbits

This is another great pattern featured on Craftbits and it has an easy to follow tutorial that includes the feathers. A true dreamcatcher has feather’s on the bottom of it so you can easily crochet these and attach them.

There are four stitches featured so it should be a fairly easy pattern to follow for a beginner. This style is a little different than some that we’ve seen so we like it’s unique look. It has more of a web style to it.

Be sure to check out craftbits for lot’s of other great crochet patterns. Many of them are guest posts so you may find yourself going into a rabbit hole of new sites to check out and some really talented artists.

Bright and Boho Dreamcatcher

Crochet a beautiful mandala by following the pattern at Little Bee
via Little Bee

The Little Bee is a blog based of out New Zealand and she has many many crochet projects to peruse! We absolutely love her color choices in all the projects we checked out and when you visit you can see this same project done up in a completely different colorway. It’s fun to see different combinations of colors on the same projects.

She also has a great section on her site called “I need help” that answers readers common questions when they encounter a problem on their project.

Circular Crochet Design

via Yarn Plaza

This pattern by Yarn Plaza is generally the same one that you’ll see for most dreamcatcher patterns. This tutorial not only spells out all the abbreviations so you can refer to them while you’re working, but it also gives you a written set of directions and a diagram.

We love that you get both style so that if you’re more of a visual person you can see the project all in one area instead of step by step.

You’ll also find a huge library of free crochet patterns that you can search.

We’re pretty sure that you’ll find enough projects to keep you busy for at least one full winter. Or maybe while we’re all homebound for the crazy virus.

Rainbow Spiral Dreamcatcher Pattern

This swirl dreamcatcher pattern is one of the most unique styles that we've seen.  Featured from String Theory
via String Theory

This tutorial will create about a 9 inch crochet dreamcatcher project and this swirl pattern is very unique. You’ll want to have some experience with the terms of crochet because not every step is explained in a beginner style fashion.

They also use stitch holders, one for each color. This makes it easier to see the different areas of the project since you’re working in a swirl pattern. You’ve got to start each color to be able to join them.

We’d definitely consider this a bit more of an advanced tutorial and project. You can click on the X and it will show you the second part of the tutorial – which is how to attach your project to the hoop.

Dark Bohemian Dreamcatcher Pattern

The Lazy Hobby Hopper has a great crochet dreamcatcher pattern to make this darker boho mandala.
via The Lazy Hobby Hopper

We have to start by saying The Lazy Hobby Hopper might be our favorite name of a craft site so far. Doesn’t that just describe some of the projects (okay, a lot of our projects) – we try it, get started, lose interest and try something else? A Hobby Hopper. That might be a great hashtag come to think of it.

This dreamcatcher pattern has a few more stitches than the previous ones we’ve shared so it may be more challenging for someone newer to the craft. The tutorial is well spelled out and we love this pattern.

Be sure to check out all the other free crochet patterns!

Ombre Style Dreamcatcher Patterns

via The Loopy Stitch

This pattern features a beautiful ombre pattern of blending the colors in a rainbow fashion. The bonus that you’ll find here is that not only is the pattern tutorial is very well written, but there’s also a YouTube video that you can follow.

If you want to see the project in a solid color scroll to the bottom and check it out in black. What a super fun way to use this in your Halloween decor or for an event!

Don’t miss the Free Patterns that feature a few more Mandala styles. The Bobble-O-Fun mandala is on our list of projects to try!

Feather Crochet Pattern

Check out these amazing crochet feathers featured on Poppy and Bliss.
via Poppy and Bliss

This isn’t a dreamcatcher but these feathers are just too pretty to not share them for your projects!

You can attach these feathers to your crochet dreamcatcher and have the entire project made out of yarn. Or you can use them for lot’s of other projects because they are so pretty. Think about ornaments, keychains, earrings, etc.

This is an easy tutorial with great photo’s to follow along.

There Are More Great Ideas

We know if you’re interested in dreamcatcher patterns that you’re looking for some other great ideas so be sure to check these out:

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Check out all these free and easy crochet dreamcatcher patterns that you can DIY!

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  1. Hi. Lovin these mandala’s. Dream catchers. Could you tell me what yarn was used. Name and websight to buy the yarn. Thank you.

    1. Hi Brenda:
      You can click on the photo of each project and it will take you directly to the tutorial and hopefully all the information that you’re looking for!

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