Easy Bandana Crafts You Can DIY in Minutes

Bandana’s can be used for so many different projects and ideas! They are an inexpensive craft item that can be used so many ways.

You can find bandanas for less than a dollar at most craft stores or on Amazon and you can find them in just about any pattern you can dream up. So pick up a few and try out some of these projects this afternoon.

We’re not going to lie, we tend to pick them up pretty often because it’s one of our favorite ways to craft for holiday’s and an easy and inexpensive way to make colorful projects.

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No Sew Bandana Crafts and DIY’s

There are a multitude of ways that you can use bandanas and we’ve decided to divide them into now sew projects and sewing projects since that can be a big factor.

Since we don’t sew (or we sew very little usually) we tend to stick to the bandana crafts that can be done without a sewing machine. Don’t forget that there are plenty of ways to use glue and iron on tape if you want to use one of the sewing projects and don’t have a machine.

Most of the crafts are easy DIY’s that don’t take too many additional tools but we think you’ll find some great ideas here. If you’re like us you’ve got enough art supplies stashed to create just about any of these projects – all you need is you craft bandana’s.

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Bandana Face Mask

Of course we’re all familiar with different styles of face masks thanks to 2020! I still can’t believe at this point how many times I’ve gotten somewhere and realized that I don’t have one with me. You’d think at the rate that we keep buying them that I’d have them stashed everywhere.

I think the problem is when the get washed they don’t get put back where they belong (shocker) so I have a nice clean stack of masks. If it’s not in my purse or car though, it doesn’t do a bit of good.

Anyway – there are lot’s of way to make a quick mask and here’s how to use a bandana to make one! We aren’t sure if this qualifies as bandana crafts but I think we can all agree that we need a few of these around right now.

Cloth Napkins

Okay this might be considered a cheat because what could be easier than using a bandana as a cloth napkin. They’re inexpensive, they come in so many colors and they just get softer the more often you wash them.

We especially love this idea though – making each one it’s own place setting and then using the mason jars to hold drinks. What a great way to serve a crowd!

If you click through to this slide show there are lot’s of other great ideas as well.

Use a bandana as a napkin like this idea in Country Living.
Country Living

Bandana Ponytail Holder

Here’s a quick and easy update to a ponytail holder using bandana’s. This tutorial uses red, white and blue to make a patriotic ponytail holder but you can easily switch up the colors for any holiday or for everyday wear.

This is an easy way to add some fun to your ponytail.

Using a bandana to create a ponytail holder.
Skip to My Lou

Bandana Flower

This bandana craft is simply cutting, tying and gluing bandana pieces together but it sure does make a fun project doesn’t it? You could add these onto a wreath or (sew them onto) a t-shirt.

I think making them just a tad larger would be a great centerpiece decoration!

Super cute flower bandana craft by Please Note Paper
Please Note Paper

DIY Bandana Bracelet

This is a great holiday project and an easy one that you can make with your kids and their friends. If you need a project for kids to complete at a party I vote that this one can be finished and then they’ll have something fun to take home with them.

You will need fish tank tubing for this project but you can just as easily use old plastic bracelets that you pick up at a thrift store!

Here's a fun bracelet bandana crafts.
Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Easy Bandana Wreath

I’ve seen so many patriotic bandana wreath’s but not as many for other holiday’s and I love the addition of the berries to this wreath.

This is an easy no sew project and you can reuse a wreath form that you already have or you can pick up a foam one. (If you’re really thrifty try cutting a pool noodle and using it as a wreath form!)

No Sew Bandana Tablecloth

If you’re planning a party and you want to whip up a cute tablecloth without having to spend a lot of time sewing it then this projects is for you.

Using bandana’s and fusible webbing you can make your own tablecloth and some amazing and inexpensive decor for your party.

Bandana Gift Wrap

In this tutorial it’s called a bento box but the wrapping is the same no matter what you call it. Use it to wrap a gift or to wrap up your lunch “bento box” style and enjoy the reusable wrap again and again.

Mary Makes Good

Bandana Cushion Covers

Here’s an easy way to update a cushion by using bandana’s. You can add these and remove these so easily. It’s a great way to change up your decor but it’s an even easier way to keep things clean since you can just slip them off and drop them into the wash!

You can use this same method on a throw pillow, just attach and remove whenever you’re ready for a change.

Make a quick and easy bandana cushion by The Purple Hydrangea
by The Purple Hydrangea

DIY Bandana Wall Art

Here’s a quick an easy way to make some wall art using embroidery hoops and bandana’s. This is a great way to add a pop of color to your decor inexpensively and it’s also easy to change it up!

Bandana Ghosts

Aren’t these the cutest little ghosts?

They remind us of the tissue ghosts that we used to make when we were little and they’re just as easy to create, but this time we’re using a bandana.

No Sew Bandana Bunting

This bunting doesn’t require any sewing so it’s a quick and easy project that you can make for any season or any holiday! We think that every party needs bunting and this bandana craft is a quick and easy way to add to your decor.

We’ve also shared a version to sew in the next section so you can put together whichever is quicker and easier for you and your crowd.

Bandana Crafts to Sew

We showed you some great ideas for bandana crafts that don’t require sewing and now we’ve got some that do require it. Unless you want to modify the project and use glue or fusible webbing.

Sewing is not our favorite way of crafting but these projects are so easy we couldn’t resist including them. Some of these could also be great ways to use up fabric scraps that you’ve got on hand.

Not all of them require a sewing machine either, you can hand stitch some of the smaller projects. Even our crowd can handle a bandana craft that’s hand sewn (usually!).

Bandana Pumpkins

Now this project is hand sewn so you can easily make these even if you don’t own a sewing machine. Use embroidery thread and a large needle and it’ll be a fun and easy project for the holiday!

Bandana Bowl Covers

These are not only a quick and easy way to use bandana’s but they’re also a green way to preserve food!

This project is as simple as cutting a circle and sewing a piece of elastic to it and I think these would also make some nice gifts for you friends that are looking for ways to be eco friendly!

Bandana Headband

This is the perfect bow since you sew the bandana. It will stay perfectly tied and look great all the time.

This ranks up there as one of our favorite bandana crafts and we’re going to attempt to hand sew these and see how they turn out.

the Sorry Girls

Bandana Tablecloth

Here’s a great tutorial on how to sew bandana’s together to make a tablecloth. I know you think it’s as easy as just stitching them together but you might find that not all of your “squares” are perfectly square to check out all these tips on how to overcome differing sizes and still get your project to look great.

Besides – don’t you love the corners on this one?

Bandana Bunting with Pom Pom’s

Bunting can be made in all kinds of ways and we love to make a new sew version but if you’re going to sew and you’ve got a few extra minutes then be sure to try this project!

Bandana Backpack

Here’s a fun project that can also be really useful – a drawstring backpack. The tutorial looks easy enough – but you’ll have to try it out and let us know! (Maybe sewing should be one of our resolutions this year!)

Bandana Easter Basket Liner

Here’s a fun way to line your Easter Basket’s with a bandana by using a ribbon to tie them up. Click on the photo to go to an easy to follow tutorial.

Quick and easy DIY bandana Easter basket liners!

Bandana Bunny

Here’s a cute sewing pattern to make your very own bunny. Of course it’s great decor or a pillow to use just about anywhere! Enjoy this easy project.

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Here are lots of great bandana crafts for you to try.  Some of them are as easy as folding, some require cutting and we've included some that require sewing but you're sure to find some great ideas here!

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