Easy DIY Pineapple Crafts for Your Home

We’re sharing all kinds of great DIY pineapple crafts for your home decor with easy to follow tutorial’s and photo’s!

If you’re like us, you’ve been homebound for awhile now. 

We’ve gone from cool and rainy weather to warm and sunny and we’re ready for some fun new DIY decor for our homes. Well, we’re really ready for anything that’s just a change right?

Not to mention – what’s more perfect that a pineapple? It’s the perfect snack when it’s hot and sunny AAAND it’s the queen of fruit since it wears a crown!!

The pineapple signifies welcome and the symbol means our homes feature friendship, hospitality and warmth. Isn’t that what we all want in our homes?

Each of the crafts that we share here is from one of our favorite craft bloggers. They all feature great photo’s and step by step tutorial’s so you can recreate all these projects.

Welcome. Enjoy.

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Pineapple Crafts for your Home – Outside

Let’s start right outside your front door with a super cute door mat! We found two different projects and they’re both fantastic.

DIY Pineapple Doormat by Lydi Out Loud

The tutorial on Lydi Out Loud uses a Cricut to create the stencil for the project. If you don’t have a cricut, don’t despair. Just check out the project below, which uses a purchased stencil to create the door mat.

We know that either of these is going to make a great project and it will welcome people at your front door.

Even if it’s only the Amazon delivery guy!

This one features stencils and a tiny pineapple but it’s still a great tutorial so be sure to check it out!

DIY Pineapple Art

You can make all kinds of beautiful art projects using the pineapple shape. Here are a few of our favorites along with the tutorials on how to make them.

If you’ve never tried your hand at watercolor then this is a great project to get started with. Elise has a few secrets to make you look like a pro and you’ll definitely enjoy this tutorial.

Natasha take the opposite way of creating the white lines than the previous project so it’s worth checking out both of the watercolor projects to find the one that will work the best for you.

We could spend all day looking at all the fun projects on the Liz Marie Blog. She has a great eye for decor and if you like the farmhouse style then you’ll have found a great mind to follow on this blog.

Here she’s created a beautiful pineapple welcome sign!

Craftaholics Anonymous is another great site for finding all kinds of crafts. There are seriously crafts for just about anything you can dream of.

This DIY pineapple art piece features a wood scrap and a sticker made on her Silhouette machine.

We love finding all kinds of project to use washi tape on. There are so many fun colors and patterns and here’s a great tutorial on how to use your washi tape to make pineapple art for your home!

We’ve got plenty more washi tape projects you can try!

Click on this image and you’ll find yourself with a beautiful free printable by Live Laugh Rowe. What can be easier than just printing up a piece of art and putting it into a frame.

Or you can follow our method to make it have torn edges . Then just paste it onto a scrap piece of lumber and display it as art. Or you can attach it to a canvas. Or you’ve got another great idea right?

DIY Pineapple Crafts for Your Home – Kitchen and Bath

Kelly of Studio DIY made this scarf into a pineapple table runner.

Click on the photo to go right through to the tutorial and enjoy it! We think this is a great way to think outside of the box, by using a scarf.

Of course that’s what a lot of DIY is right? Thinking outside of the box!

Cutting boards of all shapes and sizes are definitely something we can add to our collection. What’s more fun that having cute cutting boards to serve that gorgeous charcuterie board at our next party right?

Poppytalk is sharing a tutorial on how to make this pineapple cutting board of your very own.

This is a fun and engaging project, and it also makes a great gift. Think about your new neighbor or your friend that just bought their first home. You know, those people you need unique gifts for!

Can we all agree that this is the cutest bath mat? Ever?

You won’t believe how incredible easy it is to make and we know you’re going to love this simple DIY over at Dream Green DIY! (click on the photo to go to the tutorial)

Pineapple Crafts for Your Living Room (or Bedroom)

This lamp from Craft Foxes is a serious upcycle project. We are surprised and amazed at this one and we think you’re going to be when you see how it’s made. Be sure to click on the photo to find the full tutorial.

This super cute blanket is actually a swaddle blanket for a baby girl. We think that you could use a painter’s tarp and the same method to make a great throw or picnic blanket.

Or you can use a swaddle blanket and have a super soft pineapple throw.

FYI – Lovely Indeed also made a pineapple ukelele to play and you can see that video at the bottom of the blanket tutorial!

The photo for this crafty DIY may be a little misleading because you can’t tell that these are air plants. They are teeny tiny little planters to show off your amazing air plants and they are simply adorable.

Small & Friendly shares an easy tutorial on how to make these using polymer clay and some paint. You can use any color of paint you’d like but we are loving the gold foil!

Happiness is Homemade has a complete tutorial to walk you through each step of making these adorable pineapple candles.

They would be great for a themed party but we think they’re perfect because they’re pineapples. What other reason do you need really?

There’s also a bonus included in her tutorial so be sure to check it out!

A Beautiful Mess always has a great selection of bright and fun DIY crafts. We love all their happy and shiny colors and this pineapple light is no exception.

Mason jar lights are fantastic to use outside or inside and you’ll be shouting a warm welcome when you display a pineapple.

That’s what we’ve got for DIY Pineapple crafts for your home!

We picked the best ones that we’d actually make for our own homes to share with you! Did we miss a great one? Let us know in the comments below so we can add it.

Then save this pin to your favorite board so you can be sure to find it again!

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