Amazing Plant Embroidery Projects for the Crazy Plant Lady’s

We’ve got all kinds of plant embroidery projects here – downloads and full kits to DIY and a few things that you can purchase already finished.

I’m not sure what level of plants you have to have to be considered a crazy plant lady but I think that we may be getting close to that line.

By we, I mean all the ladies in this family (5 total). Combined we have hundreds of plants. When we go shopping we often look for plants or pots. When we garage sale and thrift, same thing. Outdoor pots, indoor pots, garden decor, you name it. If it has to do with plants we’re on it.

We do like to do a few indoor projects though and embroidery is something that’s great to work on in the cooler months, or in the evenings when we’re relaxing.

So we’re sharing patterns and kits that you can make featuring patterns for a crazy plant lady. Well they’re really just plant embroidery patterns. We won’t tell anyone that you’re a crazy plant lady.

You can easily display these creations in a hoop or in a frame. They’re also great to stitch onto a tote and of course that would make a great gift. Along with a plant…..

Click on any of the photo’s below to find the products and enjoy all these fun designs!

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3 Free Plant Embroidery PDF Designs

via Stitch Floral

If you click on the photo it will take you right to the Stitch Floral site. This page has the design shown and two other designs included to download for free.

Stitch Floral is a great site to check out for all your embroidery tips because Amina shares an incredible amount of information on how to embroider. She shows the project that she’s working on, all the stitches and then links on how to accomplish them.

If you’re just getting started on learning how to embroider click on her start here tab and check out all the information that she’s got available. Her library is one of the easiest ones to follow that we’ve found.

Bird of Paradise

via DMC

The Bird of Paradise might be one of our all time favorite plants. We can grow it inside, we can grow it outside and you can have beautifully colored flowers or a giant plant with white flowers.

Now we can embroider it into our shirts, our totes and our pillows.

The DMC site is offering this print for free and the fun thing about shopping on this site is that you can add all your thread colors right into a cart and have them shipped to you. They make it easy to find what you need to complete the project.

DMC also has an entire library of free designs so if you just click on that tab you can select the category (plants, of course!!) and find the design that you’re looking for. Or the one you didn’t know you were looking for.

You can sort by category, thread colors, skill level or even how much time it will take to complete a project!

A Plant Jungle

via Anchor Crafts

The Anchor Crafts site has lots of plant images that you can download for free also. We love the idea of making our plants into a jungle so this one drew our eyes. There are several with macrame on them that we’re downloading as well.

Many of the styles on here are considered free style and a few of them said intermediate so it’s easy to find different levels to try.

Anchor Crafts also has lot’s of free patterns for crochet and knitting as well as showing you the colors that you’ll need to complete any of the projects.

Terrarium Embroidery Kit

Here's a plant embroidery kit that includes everything you need to make this terrarium design.
via Etsy

This terrarium embroidery kit comes with all the supplies that you need to complete the whole project. This is a great gift for a friend who is wanting to try their hand at the craft.

The full kit contains the cotton that’s already been screen printed with the pattern so you don’t have to transfer it, a wood hoop, an instruction manual that includes the color and stitch diagram, a needle, the embroidery thread and even contact info for the artist if you find that you need help along the way.

You can also purchase a mini kit if you already own some of the supplies.

Multiple Monstera Pattern

A Beautiful monstera pattern with lot's of detail and colors.
via Etsy

This pattern would make a fantastic throw pillow! We love the colors and the combination so it’s getting marked as one of our favorites!

This is a PDF Download so you’ll need to provide all the supplies for the project and you’ll have to transfer the design to use it.

We can already picture it on a purse!!

Monstera Pattern

This monstera embroidery pattern includes a varied color design so you can embellish it.
via Etsy

You’ve probably noticed by now that we love tropical’s. Or maybe you’re just wondering why we have two different Monstera patterns for you.

Well we do love this pattern, just as much as we love the pattern before it. That’s the downfall of searching. Sometimes you keep finding stuff that just makes it hard to make up your mind!

This plant embroidery project is a downloadable pattern only so you’ll need to have all your supplies on hand to make this project. It does come with an extensive guide in case you’re new to embroidery and you can find all of their tutorials on YouTube and watch them while you’re learning.

Plant Lady with Watercolor

Here’s a fun shortcut to making a cute plant lady design. Use watercolors to fill in the middle instead of thread. As you can see in this video, it’s a fast and unique way to finish this project.

You can find the downloads for a free “plant lady” and “plant mom” design by clicking HERE.

Finished Projects

If you don’t actually want to embroider your own project, or you’re a little pressed for time we’ve got you covered. There are lot’s of different embroidery projects that are all ready to go!

Plant Embroidery Napkin Set

Plant embroidered napkin sets make a great gift.
via Etsy

These beautiful embroidered napkins are the perfect accessory for every plant lady and all their friends too.

You can choose to purchase these in sets of 4, 6, 8 or 12 so you know you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Plant Lady Shirt

Everybody needs a plant lady tee shirt in their wardrobe.
via Etsy

Whether we can make this or not is not the question. The question is do we need this shirt? The answer is absolutely!

This is a very simple shirt and it will fit right into anyone’s wardrobe and it’s self explanatory! So pick one up for yourself, and another for a friend!

Personalized Plant Embroidery Tote Bag

Get a plant embroidered bag and have it personalized with your name or 'crazy plant lady'
via Etsy

And lastly we share with you this beautiful tote bag that you can have personalized! You don’t have to put a name, you can easily have ‘crazy plant lady’ in place of your actual name!

But a tote is always handy – for groceries, for plant supplies, for plants. You get the picture.

There you have it! Just a few of the super cute plant embroidery projects you can make. You can find patterns, kits and finished projects and feed that crazy plant lady vibe.

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