10 Easy Christmas Cocktail Recipes for a Festive Party

We’ve got a great list of Christmas cocktail recipes that you can whip up in a hurry and share with your friends. These are all delicious and beautiful.

Christmas Cocktail Recipes for All The Events

The holiday season comes with lots of joy and fun!  There are endless parties and events to host and to attend.  We’ve got some great Christmas Cocktails that you can enjoy while you’re decorating the tree or hosting a party.  

We promise you’ll find something that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy this season!

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Mulled Wine is a great recipe to make for a party and it has the bonus of making your home smell amazing while you make it |WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Recipe by Wildflowers and Wanderlust

Mulled Wine

Of course we have to start with our Mulled Wine Recipe. 

This is one of our favorite Christmas cocktail recipes and so easy to make for a small or large crowd.  You can easily multiply this recipe and add all kinds of variations to it too. 

Make it stronger, sweeter, more or less fruity.  You get the idea. 

This is a great recipe to mix up in your crock pot or on the stove. Then you can just set a ladle nearby and your work is done!

Easy is the best when you’re hosting a party and this one is definitely a winner! Here’s an easy mulling spice blend you can order now. 

Homemade Eggnog Recipe by Lark & Linen featured on WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Recipe by Lark & Linen

Homemade Eggnog

If you’re not a fan of eggnog then it could be because you’ve never made it from scratch. 

I have always found the store bought eggnog to be a bit too sweet but when you make your own you can control that. 

Eggnog is especially delicious when you add a bit of spiced rum to the mix and give a nice toast to the season.

Spiked Hot Cocoa is a fantastic winter drink to warm you up | WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Recipe by Wildflowers and Wanderlust

Spiked Hot Cocoa

No Christmas Cocktail Recipes list would be complete without some kind of hot cocoa now would it? 

Of course many kinds of alcohol go well with this warm and cozy drink but we have an affinity for Kahlua. 

Check out our recipe for all the great variations and enjoy the warmth. Don’t forget the marshmallows

Hot Toddy Cocktails via BluApron Blog featured on WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Recipe by Blue Apron

Classic Hot Toddy

The classic Hot Toddy is basically just our favorite tea with some whiskey. 

You know the whiskey in a teacup reference?  Well, it may be a southern thing but you’ll love this warm drink and it’s just as easy to make for a single cup as it is to make for a big crowd. 

Just a tip, we make ours and add the whiskey after, we definitely wouldn’t want to risk cooking off the alcohol in our recipe!

Hot Buttered Rum

Recipe by Kitch Me

Hot Buttered Rum

This is a yummy recipe that’s been around for years. 

We love hot boozy drinks during the holidays and this one doesn’t disappoint.  It’s got a wonderful blend of spices that smell amazing and it contains rum. 

Rum is delicious.

And butter. Who doesn’t love butter?

White Christmas Mojito by Half Baked Harvest featured on WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Recipe by Half Baked Harvest

White Christmas Mojito

While we are big fans of warm drinks on chilly days, the truth is that we have lots of warm winter days in Texas. 

Tropical drinks can be served year round while we sit on our porch, but using seasonal ingredients helps us to feel festive without having any snow.  Bring on the coconut rum and pomegranate seeds!

And as a bonus they’ve got the recipe listed for single serve or to make enough punch for a party.

Not to mention that it’s just a very pretty drink!

Jingle Juice for the holidays by Inspired By Charm featured on WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Recipe by Inspired by Charm

Jingle Juice Holiday Punch

You’ll never believe how easy this cocktail is to make – just three ingredients and  you’ve got a party ready to go!  And of course it’s our favorite color – pink! 

And bubbles. 

If you haven’t already checked out all the great stuff there is on Michael’s blog you need to get on over there anyway!

Peppermint White Christmas Cocktail by Freutcake featured on WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Recipe by Freutcake

Peppermint White Christmas Cocktail

Of course we need a peppermint drink to round out our Christmas cocktail recipes.  It’s the classic flavor of the season and it looks so festive when you put a candy cane in your drink! 

Enjoy this sparkling cocktail with a friend and then have your candy cane for dessert.

Gingerbread Martini by Kate La Vie featured on WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Recipe by Kate La Vie

Gingerbread Martini

Another favorite flavor of the season is gingerbread. 

I love ginger all year long but a Gingerbread Martini is definitely a holiday drink.  Creamy and rich it has a lovely scent and makes for a delicious dessert type drink.

Bourbon Pecan Coffee Cocktail by World Market featured on WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Recipe by World Market

Bourbon Pecan Coffee Cocktail

We think coffee is just the best drink ever.  You can drink it hot or cold, flavored or plain, with many kinds of alcohol added. 

So picking a coffee recipe to share, well that’s just not an easy job.  Coffee is delicious.  We love this recipe because it tastes like the holiday season.  And we’ll be drinking it all year long.

So join us in a toast of Christmas Cocktail Recipes. 

Send us some photo’s of your Christmas parties.  Or better yet, send us an invitation and we’ll bring the drinks!

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