Beautiful Table Settings for Thanksgiving and Fall

Whether you’re hosting the big mean or you just need some pretty fall inspiration we’ve got lot’s of table settings for Thanksgiving and fall to spark your imagination!

Tips and Inspiration for your Thanksgiving Table Settings

Are you hosting family or friends for Thanksgiving this year?

If you’re like us and enjoy switching up your holiday tables (and have procrastinated until the week before to think about this!) here are a dozen ideas to inspire you to get your tablescape for Thanksgiving started today! 

We recommend starting your table planning now (if you haven’t already) so you can add and adjust as needed until the big day! Here are some tips and inspiration to help you create your table settings for Thanksgiving today. 

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Thanksgiving Tablescapes Ideas | WildflowersandWanderlust.com

Consider Your Space

You want to set the stage for your family and friends to enjoy their time spend at your home and your table.  First you need to set the mood.

Can you add some blankets or lights to create a cozier space?  How about candles?  

Try unscented candles when you’re serving food but even during daylight hours a candle provides a nice soft glow and twinkling light.

Is it possible to declutter around your table and free up some walking room?   

Do you have some music to play as your guests arrive?   

Any of these ideas are a great way to ensure a warm and happy hosting spot!

Tablescape for Thanksgiving Ideas | WildflowersandWanderlust.com
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Gather What you Already Have 

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to be grateful for all of the lovely things you already have.

Try taking a walk around your house and consider your decor.

Maybe you have a  beautiful lantern, bowl or something creative for a centerpiece already!

You may already be using baskets, trays or bowls in other rooms that would be perfect to decorate your table with.

This centerpiece below is made from all dried flowers and will last many seasons!  Using white means it will work for any season and can be updated and added to each time.

Tablescape for Thanksgiving Ideas | WildflowersandWanderlust.com
Instagram @rachelelizabethcreates

Incorporate Beautiful Foods 

If you don’t have decor that is calling to you, take inspiration from this lovely Thanksgiving brunch tablescape. 

They used their food as the centerpiece and not only is it beautiful but it’s functional.

Fall foods have the most amazingly rich colors already and if you want to have your turkey be the star of your table then you sure can.

You might also want to consider pumpkins and gourds, or slice open some oranges or pomegranates and lay them along the center.

Tablescape for Thanksgiving Ideas | WildflowersandWanderlust.com
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Don’t be Afraid to Embrace the Classic 

If you have classic fall colors, Turkey plates, leftover Halloween pumpkins, fall leaves or anything else that shout’s ‘Gobble Gobble’ include it!

It’s great to have traditional items that make it to the table every time you host this meal. That’s just how you use traditional table settings for Thanksgiving.

It’s also a nice break from all the Christmas decor that seems to appear earlier and earlier every year!

Tablescape for Thanksgiving Ideas | WildflowersandWanderlust.com
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Choose Simple Table Settings for Thanksgiving

You’re going to be filling this table with tons of fantastic food anyway, so if you know it will be crowded, choose simple! 

There will be so many dishes on the table that you don’t even need to decorate it and that’s decorating that’s already built in.  

Tablescape for Thanksgiving Ideas | WildflowersandWanderlust.com
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Enjoy Bright Colors 

We ALWAYS love a pop of pink – even when it comes to your tablescape for Thanksgiving! (and aren’t those chairs lovely!) 

Think outside the traditional holiday colors and add in your favorite colors.  It will make a great statement and also look great with the rest of your home decor.

Tablescape for Thanksgiving Ideas | WildflowersandWanderlust.com
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Party Favors are Always Welcome 

We’ve seen everything from fun fall candies, mixed squash, a tiny pumpkin, or even a sweet thank you note to each of the guests for joining the holiday meal. 

Not only do they make pretty table settings for Thanksgiving, but your guests can take home a sweet memory of their time spent with you.

Tablescape for Thanksgiving Ideas | WildflowersandWanderlust.com
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Neutrals Can make a Bright Statement

This white and gold tablescape is stunning!

Neutrals can make just as big of a statement as bright pops of color, so go with a neutral if that’s what you have on hand.  If you’re using all one color be sure to consider the textures and maybe add a glint of metal.

A few touches of gold or silver add an elegant contrast to an all white table.

Tablescape for Thanksgiving Ideas | WildflowersandWanderlust.com
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Integrate Fresh Greenery 

Bonus points if you choose greenery that keeps your table smelling delightful all the way until you start filling it with delicious dishes!

Our favorite is fresh rosemary from the huge bush outside, but lavender, sage, juniper, and eucalyptus will work wonderfully, and look beautiful.

You can pick up greenery in the floral department at your grocery store, or you can just walk right out your back door and snip a few branches off the closest bush.  

But be sure it’s your bush and not your neighbors, remember it’s the time of year to be grateful!

Use mini pumpkins and greenery for your fall and Thanksgiving tablescape WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
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Get Crafty

This is our ultimate suggestion because we are all about getting creative!  

And if you know us at all you know that we’re clearing crafts off the table so that everyone has a place to sit and eat!

These bronze painted pumpkins are lovely and would be a quick project this weekend.  Don’t they look gorgeous?

You can pick up some tiny pumpkins at the craft store, or even the grocery store, and add a coat of spray paint.

Tablescape for Thanksgiving Ideas | WildflowersandWanderlust.com
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Don’t forget napkins

Cloth napkins add a classy finish to a beautiful tablescape!

Napkins are a great way to add a pop of color or texture.  They don’t even have to be fancy, grab a piece of fabric and cut it, fray the edges and you’ve got napkins.  Or use pretty dish towels instead of napkins.

If you don’t have napkin rings, choose twine, ribbon or get crafty! 

Napkin rings can also be a great kid project so that they can contribute to the table.

Use cloth napkins as an accent for your holiday table  WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
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Show Your Tablescape Style 

You’re the hostess here! Don’t be afraid to show off your personal style whether it’s including your favorite tablecloth, color, or floral. 

Try thinking outside of the box and use a special throw or scarf instead of your usual tablecloth.

This striped cloth make a graphic statement for this table!  

Tablescape for Thanksgiving Ideas | WildflowersandWanderlust.com
Instagram @mamamyers11

Are any of these ideas inspiring for your table settings for Thanksgiving?

We are considering our succulent pumpkins as an option for decor this year! Make your own with our instructions here.

We would love to hear your thoughts and see your Thanksgiving tables in the comments below! 

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