Stunning Valentine’s Day DIY Decor (for your home)

If you’re ready to make some Valentine’s Day DIY decor then we’ve got all the best projects for you. Click on through to get the tutorials and then show us all your great projects!

DIY Your Valentine Decor

Valentine’s Day decor is a nice way to brighten up your home during the darker winter months. 

I love the nice clean look after I take down all of the holiday decor but it doesn’t take long before I’m ready for a nice bright spot to be added.  This holiday doesn’t require a lot to make it look festive and hearts and flowers are always in style!

My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is that is such a nice bright shot of color in the middle of winter.  January and February tend to be the coldest and grayest months of the year, unless you live in eternal sunshine, which we don’t. 

The bright colors make it bearable to wait a bit longer for spring.  And of course pink is at the top of our favorite colors around here.  Having a house full of girls means that pink and sparkles are always in style.

Winter is also a great time for crafting, so let’s get our crafting on and make up some pretty pink and red decor for our homes!  We’ve got some ideas for you from the super easy to a little harder or time consuming.  You’ll easily be able to find a great project for your home from this list.

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Valentine’s Day DIY Decor for Your Home

Valentine’s Day Branch Tree

Valentine Day DIY Decor -  Branch Tree by The House That Lars Built
by The House That Lars Built

There are so many projects that I love on The House That Lars Built that I don’t even know where to start.  I’m not sure they’ve shared any projects that I don’t like!

Their motto is “An Artful Life” and there are so many fun projects in my future that are inspired by the beautiful things they showcase. 

We like this branch tree because the branches are all painted white.  It really changes the look of the project with that small touch.  If you want to go with something easier you can certainly leave the branches their natural color, or maybe try a shiny silver?  The ideas are endless!

This is a fun project for a gray day, all those tiny little hearts!

Flower Heart

Flower Heart by A Beautiful Mess
by A Beautiful Mess

There are lots of creative projects on A Beautiful Mess but we really like this flower heart for Valentine’s Day! 

You can make this project to hang on your front door or anywhere else that you need a little seasonal color.  It’s also a thrifty project since you can easily use flowers that you pick up at the dollar store. 

This is another DIY that you can easily change up – try using one color as an outline and another color for the inside of the heart.  Just choose your favorite colors to make it your very own valentine day decor. 

Felt Heart Valentine Trees

Felt Heart Trees by Lolly Jane
by Lolly Jane

If you haven’t heard about all the felt tree love yet you should definitely check these out.  We were seeing felt tree’s everywhere for Christmas decor and this update for Valentine’s Day is adorable.  Of course we think anything pink is adorable.  But check out Lolly Jane for the tutorial and get these on your table asap!

I’m super excited to make these since I already have some tree forms left from Christmas that I didn’t make.

Yarn Letters

Yarn Wrapped Love letters for Valentine's Day by My Sister's Suitcase
My Sister’s Suitcase

Here’s a great project that doesn’t take a ton of supplies or time.  You can whip up these letters and have them on your mantel right away.  Or attach them together and use them as a wreath for your front door.  You can find the tutorial at My Sister’s Suitcase.

I found thin wood letters and hollow cardboard letters at several different stores so finding the supplies for this project should be pretty easy!

Valentine’s Day DIY Decor for your Walls

Tree Branch Heart

Heart made of tree branches by Shades of Blue Interiors
by Shades of Blue Interiors

The best decorations are always the ones that you can leave up all year round.  This tree branch heart definitely qualifies as art.  Rachel, of Shades of Blue Interiors, picked up fallen branches and put them together to make this beautiful piece of art.  Click on the link above to go straight to the tutorial but be sure to look at her lovely blog too!

As with all the other DIY projects, these can easily be changed up a bit to match your decor.  Different shades on the paint or even just one shade will make this project your own unique version.

Valentine Printable

Free Printable by The Craft Patch for Valentine's Day
Printable by The Craft Patch

We love this printable by The Craft Patch!  She’s got it in four different colors so the only limit is your imagination. 

You can easily print all 4 prints and frame them,  then hang them up in different places or put them all together in a grid for more impact. 

You can also just use washi tape to hang them on your wall since they’re a temporary decoration for a holiday. 

Another idea would be to print them smaller and use them for valentine’s to give to your friends.  Or make a smaller art grid with them.  Be sure to check out her free printable and share your design idea!

Mini Pallet Sign

Mini Pallet for Valentine's Day by DIY Beautify
by DIY Beautify

Here’s a great tutorial on making a mini pallet out of shim’s! 

I think this is a great way to use some shim scraps that we might normally recycle.

This is an easy way to make some pallet decor in smaller sizes (and much lighter weight) to use inside your house.  Then you just paint it up and you’ve got fresh new pallet art!

Crayon Heart Garland

Valentines Heart Garland | WildflowersandWanderlust.com
by Wildflowers and Wanderlust

Of course we have to show you the crayon heart garland that we made! 

It was such an easy and fun project and the wax hearts look so pretty in a window!  This is an easy and quick craft that you can also have your kids help out with and we’ve included a heart template in case you need help getting the perfect curve (because it’s surprisingly harder than we thought)!

This is a great way to use up the ends of crayons and kids love making the shavings so it’s a fun project for a gloomy afternoon. We especially love and Valentine’s day DIY decor that we can make with our kids!

Valentine Day Bath Fizzies

Heart Shaped Bath Bombs by WildflowersAndWanderlust
by Wildflowers and Wanderlust

This project doesn’t really count as Valentine’s Day Decor, but it sort of is. 

I mean, if you decorate your bathrooms then it definitely is.

If you haven’t tried making your own bath fizzies yet then you need to.  Bath bombs are fun and easy to make, and once you make some of your own you won’t want to purchase them anymore! 

This is an easy recipe that doesn’t use citric acid and still gives a great fizz and you can purchase a heart shaped mold or just make a heart shape with your hands.  So it qualifies as another project that your kids can help out with.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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