15 Amazing Valentine Mason Jar Crafts to DIY

We’ve got some great valentine mason jar ideas for you to try!

Mason jars are kind of a staple around here because there are so many ways to use them. Of course you can use them for canning but they’re also a great craft item since they are uniform sizes.

You can also use just about any empty jar to make these projects but we are focusing on valentine mason jar’s so read on. We think you can probably get all the inspiration you need from the photo’s but be sure to click on the photo’s to open any of the tutorials that you want to follow!

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Valentine Mason Jar Paint Projects

Here are all the valentine mason jar projects that are made using paint. Most of these are for inspiration since you can probably figure out the project just by looking at the photo’s. You can click on any of the pictures to be taken through to the tutorial.

Many of these projects will also link to other projects – either valentine or mason jar so be ready to go down that wormhole.

One of the great things about the paint projects is that you can use just about any paints on the jars – spray paint, acrylic and chalk paint work the best.

Mason Jar Breakfast

Here’s an easy paint project using super glossy paint and a stencil. If you’ve got a cricut or silhouette you can cut out any letters that you’d like or you can pick up some stickers at your local store.

The upside to buying these stickers is that you can even find stencil stickers at most grocery stores so they are an easy craft item to find.


This is another painted project with letters stamped on over the paint. If you click through to see this one there are a few other mason jar projects on the same page. A few fun glitter projects that I didn’t share here but pretty none the less.

Positively Splendid

This is a project that we are excited to try using a marble effect. There’s a product called marbling medium that keeps the paints separated and this is the first we’ve heard of it so we are impatiently waiting for ours to be delivered.

It’s a messy project but those are the most fun right?

This is one that we definitely need the tutorial for!


Decorchick used spray paint on her valentine mason jars which again proves that you can finish them with just about any kind of paint. Especially since you’re not using the jars repeatedly, they’re just for seasonal decor.

That also means that you can use them for other holiday’s as well.

It All Started With Paint

These cute jars use thumb prints to create the hearts on the surface. What a cute project and wouldn’t the grandparents love to have one as well?

For this one you’ll want to be sure that you add a sealant to your finished project so that those little thumbprints will last.

Here’s another version of the spray painted jar made into a votive holder. Of course you can do that with any of these projects!

Mom 4 Real

Another Valentine mason jar craft using paint but adding a wire hanger to make a hanging lantern. Pretty clever right?

Like we said – lot’s of inspiration here!

The 36th Avenue

Gold spray paint is one of our all time favorites! Sometimes we use silver as well but gold is our go to.

If you follow the link to this project she has some pretty tags that you can print to add to it.

Mason Jar Crafts Love

We saved our favorite paint project for the last one in paint projects.

These are the prettiest jars and we can see adding lots of different colors and using them for all kinds of decorations!

Guess what the secret ingredients are? Mod podge and food coloring. Be sure to check out the tutorial for these since she’s got lots of great tips on what works and what doesn’t!

More Valentine Mason Jar Projects

Since we had so many paint projects it seemed easier to divide the list into projects that required paint and those that use other craft items.

Here are the other projects.

Sustain My Craft Habit

This is an easy project if you’ve got a cricut or silhouette. You can download the cut files from the link above and add stickers to your jars. Of course you can paint the jars first, or you can purchase stickers that are ready made and add those.

Either way this is a quick gift that you can make for teachers!

the happier homemaker

This is a great way to use up scrap burlap, or any other fabric that you might have small pieces leftover. The link to the cut file is for labels that fit into the top – which is a great place to add a personalized message.

Mason Jar Crafts

Here’s an easy and budget friendly way to make a valentine votive holder – using paper wrapped around a mason jar. She used a cookie cutter to make the perfect heart and then just taped the paper onto the jar.

This is a favorite since you can easily remove the paper and your jars are ready for another project. You can find paper at the craft stores pretty inexpensively or look for wrapping paper to use.

Lil Luna

Who can resist giving a mason jar filled with the ingredients to make a yummy treat?

Click through to get the recipe print out and then just assemble your ingredients and you’ve got a great gift for a sweet tooth.

My Sister’s Suitcase

We aren’t sure whether to include this as a craft or a game but we do love the idea. It will be a bit more work than the other projects – so are the next couple that follow.

You’ll have to read the tutorial to see how she used vintage game pieces to create a secret message. What could be a better valentine to share this year?

Okay – you got us. More craft supplies is always the answer to what could be better. But the secret message is super cute too!

Uncommon designs

This project uses the mason jar as a display case. It’s a cute little mini decoration and the bonus of it being in a jar is that you don’t have to dust it lol. Only the top of the jar.

Valentine project using a mason jar by The Wood Connection.
The Wood Connections

Our last valentine mason jar craft probably qualifies as more of a project than a craft but check out how much fun it is!

Click through for the complete tutorial and then share with us what you make! We are always amazed at the creativity being shared with us and we’d love to see your projects too! You can share in the comments or on Pinterest – be sure to check our Valentine Board!

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