10 Ways to Use Wood Shims for Amazing Crafts

We’ve got some fun and interesting ways to use wood shims for crafts in case you’ve got some left over from a project or you want to pick up a pack and see what you can make with them!

Have you ever picked up a pack of wood shims and wondered what you could create out of them?

No? Just us? Maybe we’re spending too much time wandering the aisle of the hardware store!

Have you ever used wood shims for a project and then had a bunch left over? And then you wondered what to do with them?

Well either way we’ve got a few ideas for you. Whether you’re using up some scrap wood or you’ve got a brand new package of shims check out all these fun projects that we found. Of course we added several to our list!

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What Are Wood Shims?

Wood shims are thin, tapered pieces of wood that are commonly used for installing doors, windows, and cabinets. If you’ve ever seen a wooden doorstop, it’s the same concept only a shim goes from an almost paper thin side to a bit thicker.

They are great tools for positioning when you’re installing because they make it easy to space and keep everything straight, but there are also some creative ways to use shims in DIY projects. Of course we’re always on the lookout for fun projects using unique items and we found some for you!

Here are just a few ideas and then read on to see some actual projects! Note that there are also plastic shims but our shared projects are specifically for wood ones!

  1. Wall art – You can use wood shims to create a unique and rustic piece of wall art. They are easy to arrange in different patterns and you can paint or stain them in different colors. This is probably one of the most popular projects you’ll find when looking!
  2. Picture frames – You could glue your shims together to create a rustic picture frame, and then stain or paint the frame to match your decor.
  3. Coasters – Try gluing several wood shims together and cutting them into circles to create coasters. Of course you can stain or paint them to match your decor.
  4. Plant markers – You don’t even have to cut wood shims to use them as plant markers. Just write the names of your plants on the thicker end and stick them into the soil to keep track of what you’re growing in your garden.
  5. Bookends -Glue shims together to create a sturdy bookend and then stain or paint them to match your bookshelf, or even contrast with your bookshelf.
  6. Jewelry holder – Glue wood shims together to create a jewelry holder and then add hooks or knobs to hang your jewelry on.
  7. Wall shelves – Glue wood shims together to create a rustic-looking wall shelf, or glue the shims onto an existing shelf to change up the look.
  8. Drawer dividers – Cut your shims to fit the width of your drawers and glue them together to create dividers. This is an inexpensive way to help keep your drawers organized.
  9. Wall hooks – Glue shims together and attach hooks to create a unique and rustic-looking wall hook.
  10. Wall mirror – Glue wood shims around the edge of a mirror to create a rustic-looking frame, or paint it gold for a starburst effect! Yep – we found one of these to share with you below!

Creative Ways to Use Wood Shims

What creative ways have you used wood shims in the past? We’d love to hear your ideas and see your projects!

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