12 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts to Wow Your Mom

We’ve got some unique Mother’s Day gifts that you can DIY and wow your mom with this year!

We’ll be the first to admit that most of our crafting is done for ourselves or our homes but just about anything we make for ourselves and love can be also be made to give as a gift!

We’re also going out on a limb and think that you might actually splurge on your mom! She might be the full reason that you’re a crafter and so creative (of course she is!)

We have it on good authority that while all mom’s love a great splurge, most moms want something unique and special as a keepsake.

Here we’re sharing a few projects that are easy DIY’s and will make fun and unique gifts for your mom. Or you grandmother, stepmom, friendly neighbor, you get the idea. For any of the women in your life that you want to show appreciation to this year on Mother’s day.

Most of these Mother’s Day gifts can be made pretty quickly with limited supplies. A few of them might need to be made the day before so that they have plenty of drying time and we’ve definitely included a few that you can make with your kids.

We think that no matter your age you’ll enjoy any of these though so read on!

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Mother’s Day Gifts to Give this Year

More Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

Have we got you inspired to DIY Mother’s Day gifts?
We sure hope so – because being creative is definitely the most fun you can have!

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Mother's day gifts for you to make for your mom or any other person that you're gifting this year.  Fun and easy crafts for gifting

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