9 Amazing and Easy Valentine Day Wreaths to DIY

If you’re looking for some inspiration for Valentine Day wreaths we’re sharing a few great ideas. You might enjoy making one of these or just be inspired to make something on your own!

Have you got all your Christmas decor put away and your home is looking a little blank and undecorated?

Or is just mid-winter and the weather is not the best and you need to bring some color into your space?

Bring on Valentine’s Day!

I think it’s just a great bright spot in the middle of the grayest and coldest months of the year (at least in the US). Of course if you say pink we say yes so maybe that’s part of our fondness for the holiday!

Bring on the bold and bright colors and bring on all the cheerfulness and love. Hearts. And really, we give each other chocolate’s and flowers. What is there to complain about?

Amazing and Easy DIY Valentine Day Wreaths

We are sharing a few great project ideas with you so that you can be inspired to make some valentine day wreaths. You can hang them inside or outside and you can make them fit your own personal space! These are just ideas to inspire you.

Of course we love a DIY so you’ll find directions on these in case you need a materials list. You can copy it or you can tweak it to fit your own personal style.

Or you can create your own wreath after you check out some of this great inspiration!

Of course one trip to your craft store can provide you with all the necessary supplies, or you might have them on hand already!

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Heart Shaped Pom Pom Wreath by Wildflowers And Wanderlust

Heart shaped Valentine day Wreaths with pom poms
by Wildflowers And Wanderlust

Of course we’re going to share our own creation with you! If you haven’t already seen this fun pom pom wreath then be sure to check it out.

You can find the supply list and how to actually make your own pom poms if you click through!

Valentine Day Gnome Wreath by Our Crafty Mom

Valentine Gnome Wreath by Our Crafty Mom
by Our Crafty Mom

Gnomes have been super popular the last few years. I think there’s always been a garden gnome type theme but recently we’ve been seeing them everywhere.

So of course you’re going to find a cute wreath with a gnome!

Be sure to click through to see what she upcycled to make the gnome. I bet you’re going to be surprised.

Valentine Day Rag Wreath by Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

Valentine Day Rag Wreath by Little Yellow Wheelbarrow
by Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

We always love the well thought out projects featured on Little Yellow Wheelbarrow. Not to mention that the photo’s are always top notch.

Be sure to click through and read her tips on how to make your rag wreath super fluffy!

Valentine Day Wood Slice Wreath by Lydi Out Loud

Valentine Day Wreath with Wood Slices made by Lydi Out Loud
by Lydi Out Loud

Our favorite projects are the ones that you can easily adapt to your style and this is definitely one of them. You could switch out the flowers or change the XO’s to words. Or even change the wood slices to hearts. So much great inspiration here.

But be sure to click through so you can see all the other projects that Lydi shares!

Valentine Day Wreaths Made with Deco Mesh featured on Crafty Morning

Valentine Wreath made with deco mesh featured on Crafty Morning.
featured on Crafty Morning

Deco mesh is so fun to use because you can get a really full looking wreath pretty easily!

Michelle is pretty amazing with all the sites and crafts that she’s got going and she shared another tutorial for making this gorgeous wreath so be sure to check it out!

Paper Heart Wreath by Hello Wonderful

Paper Heart Valentine Wreath by Hello Wonderful
by Hello Wonderful

This project combines all of our favorite things – bright colors, hearts and super easy to make!

Check out Hello Wonderful for the quick tutorial and start making those hearts!’

Framed Heart Wreath by A Night Owl

Hearts Framed Valentine Wreath by A Night Owl
by A Night Owl

This is a great farmhouse look and it was also be fun to put up somewhere inside your house instead of on a door.

Be sure to click through so that you can learn the secret of Kimberley’s cute hearts!

I Love You to Pieces Valentine Day Wreath by The Soccer Mom Blog

A Valentine Day Wreath made out of puzzle pieces by the Soccer Mom Blog
by The Soccer Mom Blog

If you’re anything like us you did a few puzzles this winter.

If you’re anything like us, you lost some puzzle pieces this winter.

Here’s the easy solution and you can pick up all the details on Stacey’s blog!

Valentine Day Wreath made with Coffee Filters by The Bold Abode

Valentine Day Wreath Made with Coffee Filters by the Bold Abode
by the Bold Abode

We love the look of this Valentine Wreath!

Very elegant and made with an inexpensive item so be sure you click through to read the tutorial on this one and then all you need is some time and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous wreath!

Supplies You May Need for a DIY Valentine Day Wreath

If you’re skipping right on down and just scrolling the photo’s that’s okay!

We like to look at all the photo’s sometimes too. And then back up to the ones that we’re really interested in.

But while you’re here we’ve got a list of supplies you’ll want to check!

Valentine Day Wreath Base Ideas:

  • A pre-made wreath base
  • Cardboard
  • Wood
  • Grapevine
  • Lace – or other fabric
  • Cardstock if it’s heavy enough
  • A Picture Frame
  • A mirror

Remember it doesn’t have to be heart shaped to be used as a wreath!

Other crafting supplies:

  • Fabric
  • Lace
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Paints
  • Markers
  • Flowers (real or faux)

The most important supply is definitely CHOCOLATE!

Or possibly wine.

Wine and chocolate together get you extra points and then you’ve got a good excuse to invite a friend over to make wreaths!

If you’re like us you’ve got a stash of craft supplies that you could share. Or you can have them bring their own.

We won’t tell anyone about that closet stuffed full of supplies!

Remember that decorating your home with a Valentine Day Wreath is a great way to brighten it up and add some cheer during February!

Take any of these great ideas and then show us what you made!

Now you’re excited and want even more Valentine ideas? Be sure to check out:

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DIY Valentine Day Wreaths

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