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Halloween Pumpkin Crafts

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Halloween is such a fun holiday and I love it as much as the next person!

Well I might love it more than a lot of people.  I’m always excited about holiday decor because it’s sort of a temporary decor.  I can dress up my house and then take it all down before I get really sick of it!

I love being able to go overboard with holiday decor and then go minimalist in between the holiday’s.

Halloween is such a funny holiday too.  Let’s get dressed up in costumes and go play with all of our friends. 

I mean it’s really just a great excuse for a party where we can dress up and act silly. 

The free candy is a bonus if you’ve got trick or treater’s in your family.  I promise we won’t tell if you’re buying Halloween candy to hide in your freezer and not share either.  (We usually pick some up on sale the day after too!)

This year we’re on a quest to make some Halloween pumpkin crafts that still fit in with our normal decor.

We want to celebrate the holiday, but in a more subtle manner for once.  Or maybe we’ll do it again next year but that remains to be seen.

I know, I know.  It’s nothing like year’s past.  But it’s always fun to switch things up!

All of these ideas are no carve solutions and you can absolutely use real pumpkins or the faux ones.  We especially love decorating the faux pumpkins and being able to reuse them every year.  Or redecorate them every year.

Look at all these great idea that we’ve found!

Painted Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Copper Pumpkins

Metallic copper spray painted pumpkins by Pet Scribbles
by Pet Scribbles

Copper pumpkins are a beautiful addition to almost any decor.  I can picture them looking very elegant on a dining table or a front porch.  And copper looks pretty with lots of other colors too, it’s a natural color to mix in with fall decor.

These were made quickly using spray paint.  In just 15 minutes they can be painted and ready to go, and if you’re painting over orange it only takes one coat to cover so that’s where the speed comes in.

Copper might be my favorite update to bright orange for Halloween decor.

Mirror Pumpkins

Painted with mirror paint, these pumpkins by Practically Functional make great decor!
by Practically Functional

Here’s another great spray paint project. Have you tried mirror paint yet?

This method takes an inexpensive faux pumpkin and makes it look like a beautiful mercury glass pumpkin.  Of course you can use real pumpkins too but the faux ones are so lightweight and easy to paint.

These pumpkins may take a couple of coats of paint to make them.  If you’re using traditional colored pumpkins you’ll want to paint them gray first so get the best mirror effect when  you’re finished.

It’s amazing how much they look like mirrored glass when they’re dry.

Mud Cloth Pumpkins

Halloween pumpkins that have a pattern inspired by MudCloth

These Halloween Pumpkins are made using chalk paint and paint markers.  They are definitely a Halloween item that will carry into Thanksgiving.  They’re also very unique so your guests are bound to comment on them.

You can easily fit these into your decor by using patterns that you already have in your home!  The pattern shown is considered a Mud Cloth pattern but you can use any pattern that appeals to you.  Which is also why they’ll look unique in your home. 

Coral and Gold Dipped Pumpkins

Gold Leaf Pumpkins are a great way to decorate your pumpkins without carving them. by Monica Wants it and featured on WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Monica Wants It

If you like bright and happy patterns then you need to check out Monica’s blog.  She’s got a palm springs style and a shop that features pillows and kitchen items that are hard to resist.  I already having a shopping cart full of pillows….

She made these pumpkins using coral and gold spray paint and a paint pen to make the dots, and she’s got lots more ideas on her site.

More No Carve Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

Marbled Pumpkins

You can create marble pumpkins using nail polish
A Bubbly Life

How about Halloween Pumpkins that are marbled?  I think you can technically say that these are painted but it’s a little more labor intensive than spray paint.

We’ve showed you how to marble mugs with nail polish but you can also use just about any object to marble.  Check out A Bubbly Life to see all her wonderful creations.

Pro tip for you:  This is a great project to do outside.  The nail polish smell can be pretty strong.

Studded Pumpkins

Beautifully painted with chalk paint and studs added for your fall decorations! By Cuckoo 4 Design
by Cuckoo 4 Design

Julia  made these beautiful pumpkins using chalk paint and studs.

She used real pumpkins but I think these designs would be ones that we would buy faux pumpkins for so that we could continue to use them each year.

The studs have an interesting vibe to them don’t they?

Washi Tape Pumpkins

Using washi tape is a great way to make. your faux (or real) pumpkins look like they're covered in fabric.  By Making Joy and Pretty Things
by Making Joy and Pretty Things

What could be easier than washi tape?

You can find washi tape in just about any pattern or color and easily cover your Halloween pumpkins with it! 

Washi tape is also a great way to use the pumpkins all the way through Thanksgiving.  This is another way you have fall decor and not just Halloween decor.  

This project is also easier and less mess than paint.

Annie Get Your (Glue) Gun

Here are a few great Halloween Pumpkin ideas that involve gluing decorations onto your pumpkins.  We’re certain that you’ll have some other great ideas too but check out these amazing ideas.

Chinoiserie Pumpkins

We do love blue and white and these Chinoiserie pumpkins by Monica Wants It are all that!
by Monica Wants It

Tell me these aren’t the most fantastic pumpkins?

Blue Chinoiserie – please!  This is like taking the best china pattern and putting it on just about anything!

Monica made these by using paper napkins and mod podge.  I know, I know, it’s not a glue gun but the title was too good to not use it.

This is definitely a great project that you can complete very inexpensively.  Check out her blog to get the full tutorial.

I’ve got my eye on some other napkins that will make a fun pattern.  These are going to look so cute in a tropical pattern near our swimming pool.  (Because it’s still that warm here in October).

Flowered Pumpkins

Get Your glue gun and some dried flowers and make this gorgeous pumpkin decor!
by BHG

How about a beautiful floral pumpkin? All you need for this one is dried flowers and a glue gun.

These will be gorgeous for a centerpiece too.  The dried flowers would be a beautiful addition to baby shower or wedding decor that fits the fall season.

Of course this project is easily complete using faux flowers.  The project shown is made using dried flowers and they have a nice fall feeling to them.

Lacy Pumpkins

Use a doily and glue it onto your pumpkin for this cute centerpiece

This is a beautiful way to add some fun to your pumpkins.  Mary and Tim used doily’s and glued them onto their pumpkins for a fun change.

Of course you can use real or faux pumpkins for this and you can also find doily’s in lots of different colors.  Or if you’re feeling really crafty you can paint your doily in your choice of colors!


Make your bats fly across the pumpkin with this craft by It all Started with Paint.
by It All Started With Paint

You can use just about any pumpkin for this project – the color is really just a matter of preference. The bats can be cut out with scissors or a craft punch. (Bonus points if you have a Cricut or Silhouette machine).

Just glue your bats into a fun pattern and you’ve got your project finished.

A No Sew Halloween Pumpkin Craft 

Use sweater sleeves to create these gorgeous knit pumpkins by DIY Beautify.
by DIY Beautify

If you want to make your pumpkins instead of using purchased pumpkins here is a super easy tutorial. You can use an old sweater or pick up a few at the thrift store and use those.

Once you’ve made one of these you can easily imagine other ways to make them.  You can use socks or leftover fabric and have lots of different colors and textures in your collection.

Topiary Pumpkins

Make this cute topiary using pumpkins from the Dollar Tree WildflowersAndWanderlust.com

Here’s a great project form The Latina NextDoor.  She used pumpkins from the Dollar Tree and assembled these topiary’s.  They’re great for almost any table top or use the bigger ones and make a statement at your front entrance.

It took some paint, some fabric and a few other supplies but these can be assembled easily in an afternoon.  

Check out this gorgeous topiary pumpkin display by Made in a Day!
by Made in a Day

Here’s another take on the topiary and this one uses the small pumpkins that are vase filler.  It’s a different take on a topiary and makes an amazing table topper.

Of course you can take this idea and make it as big as you’d like!

A Glow in the Dark Halloween Pumpkin Design

This is one of those projects that I just had to include because it’s so much fun. These pumpkins are super cute during the daytime but wait for it…..

Glow in the Dark pumpkins are so much fun by Color Made Happy!
by Color Made Happy

They glow in the dark!!

Color Made Happy

You know that’s just a fun craft project!

We especially love that they look great in the daylight and in the dark.  Now you just have to come up with some fun ideas on how to decorate your Halloween pumpkins with the glow in the dark paint.

Sam has lots of fun and colorful project on her blog and these pumpkins definitely stopped us in our tracks!

The Ultimate Halloween Pumpkin Project

DIY a succulent pumpkin for your fall porch or a table centerpiece WildflowersAndWanderlust.com

Of course we’ll tell you that you need to make a Succulent Pumpkin.

And of course this isn’t just for Halloween – it’s just a pretty project.

Click Here to get the full tutorial!

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