10 Amazing DIY Christmas Crafts from the Dollar Store

Have you tried making any of your DIY Christmas crafts from items you find at the dollar store?  Well, have we got some fun projects to share with you! 

Dollar Store DIY Christmas Crafts Decor

If you’re anything like us you love decorating!  And did someone say DIY? 

Well that’s what we’re all about – fun crafts and DIY. 

There’s no need to spend a fortune on decorations, with a little inspiration and some supplies you can turn your home into a winter wonderland.  

Of course we’re all adding Christmas decor to our homes right now and if you can craft some of that yourselves it’ll save money and make the decor more personal.  On top of that, we’ve got great crafts that you can assemble from items you find at the dollar store.  So these are not only fantastic, but budget friendly as well.

Here we’re sharing our favorite 10 DIY’s for Christmas decorating that you can assemble with items from the Dollar store.

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Create Your Own Snow Village

DIY Snow Village

Get the Tutorial at:  Confessions of a Plate Addict

This is a quick and easy project that only takes a few supplies. 

We’re pretty sure that you’ve already got glitter on hand and you can complete this project in an afternoon. It will probably take longer to dry than it will to actually assemble it! 

Well, unless you get carried away and build a giant village, complete with lights and other decorations. Then you’re in for a weekend. (Don’t ask how we know this….)

Easy Toothpick Ornaments

Somewhat Quirky Design Toothpick Snowballs

Find the Tutorial at:  Somewhat Quirky Designs 

You can find all the supplies to make these at the Dollar Store and make one or as many as you’d like. 

This is a great project for older kids to make and if you leave your toothpicks in their natural color it’s also a great fall decor item. 

We have already come up with lots of great ideas on how to use these so they’re definitely on the “to try” list! You only need styrofoam balls of different sizes and toothpicks.

Such an easy DIY!

Christmas Trees Made From Spoons

Spoon Tree by One Project Closer

Tutorial at: One Project Closer

Isn’t this fantastic? 

We wouldn’t have ever even thought of this and it’s just your basic plastic spoons and a styrofoam form.  Of course you can find these items at your local dollar store and you’ll want to check out the tutorial for a few tips.

You can easily paint these to match your decor and you’ve got a great Christmas decoration for just a few hours worth of work. 

These are also a great farmhouse style if you’ve got the right paint colors.

An Ornament Wreath

Ornament Wreath by Six Sisters Stuff

Tutorial at:  Six Sisters Stuff

Here’s another easy and inexpensive project that you can complete in a few hours. 

One of the best parts is that you can easily choose your own colors for the wreath!

You can mix and match colors for any decor style.  And of course you can find a great selection of unbreakable ornaments at your local Dollar store. 

The form on this one is just a wire hanger (but tip – they’ve got wreath forms there too on the floral aisle).

DIY Snowflake Votive

Snowflake Votive by Organized 31

Find the tutorial at:  Organized 31

These are great for your table or to wrap up and give as small gifts.  Bonus that you can quickly whip them up if you’re in need of some last minute ideas.

You can use a stencil or free form draw on the votive holders.  I also love the idea of placing one on each plate for our guests so that they can take it home for a party favor when they leave!

Christmas Apothecary Jars

Christmas Apothecary Jars by DIY Candy

Tutorial at:  DIY Candy

These are made using candlesticks and glass jars that you can find at the dollar store. 

Glue, paint and imagination makes a great holiday centerpiece and you can fill them with ornaments, candy canes or mints to make a statement wherever you place them. 

This is another project on our “to try” list because we’d love to see them in all kinds of different holiday paint colors.

Christmas Art Wall Hanging

Christmas Art Wall Hanging by Refresh Restyle

Find this at:  Refresh Restyle

This is an ingenious way to make seasonal art using gift bags and frames.   You could also use wrapping paper or recycle your old gift bags. 

All it takes are some frames and some pictures.  Creative cutting makes a great wall hanging that you can change from year to year or as your style or colors change.

Easy Shiplap Ornaments

Shiplap Ornaments by DIY Beautify

Tutorial can be found at:  DIY Beautify

These great shiplap ornaments started off as brightly colored ornament cutouts.

With just a bit of paint they were transformed to fit in with farmhouse decor.  At just $1 each, you can’t beat them. 

With a bit of imagination you can transform these into so many different style and they’d also make great gifts. I can definitely see using them as gift tags on larger gifts as well!

Coffee Filter Wreath

Coffee Filter Wreath by DIY Beautify

Tutorial at DIY Beautify

Here’s a beautiful wreath made completely from coffee filters. 

You know where you can find a bunch of these? At the dollar store!

And a bonus it that you can even pick up a wreath form while you’re there.  Add some glue and you’ve got yourself a breathtaking door hanging. 

I can’t believe how full and pretty this is when it’s finished.  It takes a little time to put it together but it’s definitely beautiful when it’s all finished.

This is one of my favorite DIY Christmas Crafts!

Candy Cane Wreath

Candy Cane Wreath by At the Picket Fence

Tutorial at:  At the Picket Fence

We’ve seen lots of tutorials using real candy canes and it’s not something we’ve ever wanted to try. 

We were really excited to see that this one uses the slimmer plastic candy canes from the dollar store.  This is a different pattern than most of the others that we’ve seen and we definitely love the look! 

For just a few dollars you can create this brightly colored candy cane wreath for your front door.

You’ll also find a few more projects right on this tutorial!

There are lots of creative ways to use items from the dollar store for crafts and home decor.  Have you tried any of these projects or do you have other great projects to share with us?  We’re always looking for a fun craft or home decor item to craft.  Let us know in the comments below!

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