Aromatic Dried Orange Slices that you can Easily DIY

Here’s an easy way to make dried orange slices and display them! These make a gorgeous garland and they’re also pretty to top desserts or gifts with!

These dried orange slices add a beautiful pop of color and citrus scent to your holiday decor and they’re such an easy project.  I started off making one batch to use as garland but I loved the pop of color so much that I’m adding in more to our decor this year.

This is a great way to use natural elements in your decor and you can combine these with pine cones or cinnamon sticks, or some greenery.  Well really you can combine them with just about anything that you’d normally use to decorate for Christmas and it will look and smell great.

You can use your orange slices as a garland, ornaments or gift toppers.  You can even make them into a wreath!  Of course these are all projects that I’m planning to tackle, but for now I’m going to share the tutorial with you.

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Pretty oranges that are ready to become a festive dried orange garland

Supplies for Dried Orange Slices

I don’t think there will be any surprises on this supply list.  You can probably predict what your shopping list looks like for this one since the main ingredient is in the title.

I use a mixture of large and small oranges depending on what I’m using them for.  The smaller rounds are great for package toppers and a small wreath.  If you’re planning to make garland or a wreath you’ll just want to be sure that your rounds are near the same size.


  • Oranges – large or small or clementines or tangerines
  • Knife
  • Baking Sheet
  • Parchment paper
  • Twine/Yarn/String
  • Large Needle
  • Scissors
One large orange should give you around 7-8 slices to use for a garland or wreath.

How Many Oranges Do You Need?

A large orange will give you around 7-8 slices.  This means that you can make about 1 foot of garland for each large orange that you use.  Of course it will depend on how closely together you space your orange slices but that’s a pretty good estimate for how many oranges you’ll need.  

I’d definitely recommend making more than you need.  There are so many ways to use them.

Be sure to slice all of your oranges to the same thickness so that they'll dry in the same amount of time.

To Make Dried Orange Slices

Slice the Oranges

First you’re going to slice the oranges.  I’d say you want them to be about 1/8″-1/4″ thick but the most important part will be trying to be sure that they’re close to the same thickness.  A uniform thickness will help them to dehydrate at about the same rate so you don’t have some that are ready and some that aren’t.

You can toss the edges that are rind only or use them in a simmer pot.  Toss in some cloves or cinnamon and make your home smell amazing and festive.

Once your oranges are sliced you're going to cook them for a few hours to dry them out -

Bake Your Orange Slices

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.

We’re going to bake these on low for 2-3 hours to get most of the moisture out of them.  They’ll still look pretty and smell good but they won’t be dripping juice all over the place!

Lay your sliced oranges on your baking sheet covered with parchment paper. 

You don’t want your oranges to overlap, be sure that they have a little space around them.

We think the orange slices look so pretty while they're drying

Bake for 2-3 hours until you can see that the edges have started drying. 

You’ll want to flip them at least once or twice while they are baking.  I like to bake mine for an hour and then flip them every thirty minutes after that.  It helps to monitor them to make sure I don’t overcook them.   

If you leave them in the oven too long they will start to turn brown and we don’t want that to happen.  If you see the edges turning brown then go ahead and pull them out.  It’s okay if the centers are still a little wet.

The oranges shrink up a little when they're dry and also darken in color

Let Your Orange Slices Cool

Allow the orange slices to cool and dry overnight. 

I like to let mine sit overnight just to be sure that they’re good and dry before I start working with them.

Of course having the heat on in the house makes the air so dry that it helps them dry out even more.

If the centers are still a little juicy this will give them plenty of time to dry out so that they’ll be ready for you to decorate with.

How to Make a Dried Orange Slices Garland

Really all you need to create a dried orange garland are oranges and some string and needle

If you’re planning to make a garland with your oranges you’ll want to measure the length of your garland first.

After measuring, cut your piece of string to size, making sure to leave about 10 -12inches on either side so that you have a way to secure your garland when you’re finished.

Use a large needle to thread your string back and forth through the top of the orange.  You’ll want to be sure to stay close to the rind so that your string will be secure.  If you get too far down into the fruit it may not be as secure.

How to string dried oranges to create a garland

I made my garland with the slices far apart but I love the look of the garland spaced closely together too.  The large spacing looks great on our stocking garland.

We used well spaced dried orange garland on top of our pine garland

I also found that using metal ornament hooks was a great way to add the dried orange slices on my tree and other spots.  This was a quicker method to place them in our greenery and on our Christmas tree.

I used metal ornament hooks to hang my dried orange slices on our tree and garland.

Other Ideas for Dried Orange Slices

These orange slices should keep well over the holiday season but they’ll darken up a bit as they keep drying out.

You can also use these dried orange slices in a variety of ways.  Use them to make a wreath or add them on top of gifts with a little sprig of pine.

These are pretty to use for a garnish on a dessert or a charcuterie board, or even when you’re decorating for a meal as a centerpiece addition.

If you make a garland you can drape you it across your table or hang it in a window.  The dried orange slices add a nice bright touch wherever you place them.

I think that orange is a delicious smell to have around the holiday’s. 

The bright citrus scent pairs well with fresh pine, cinnamon and cloves and the nice bright color is a great touch to my decor this year!

I hope you’ll enjoy making your own dried orange slices!

Lauren -

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Make these aromatic orange slices and then string them into a garland or hang them by ornament hooks.
DIY an orange slice garland - we've got the tutorial right here and it's easier than you think.

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