10 Spooky Halloween Decorations you Can Make Quickly

It’s almost Halloween but there’s still time to make a few spooky Halloween crafts to display in your home and wow your party guests!

Halloween is quickly approaching and these ideas can add just what you need to have the best spooky Halloween décor. Don’t worry if you don’t have much time because we’ve made sure that these are quick and easy and your neighbors are going to love them!

Of course each of these projects are great DIYs, and so easy you will probably be making more than one.  Hurry and get started on them and you’ll have them just in time to enjoy the scariest night of the year!

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Spooky Halloween Mirror Decor

spooky mirror
via Domythic Bluss

Eerie Mirror from Domythic Bliss – Follow this tutorial to create your own creepy art piece and add it to your spooky decor. This is a pretty inexpensive craft project and if you’re not sure where to find art be sure to check out How to Find royalty free images!

Spooky Eyes (to hide in your bushes or trees)

Here’s a fun and easy project you can make!

Save up your toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tubes to use as the base for this project.

Draw on spooky eyes, or really any kind of eyes (scroll the internet for ideas) and then cut them out with an xActo knife.

Once your eyes are cutout add a glow stick inside the tube, cover the ends with foil or tape and then set your “glowing spooky eyes” in a bush or tree.

After it gets dark outside you won’t be able to see the cardboard tube, only the spooky eyes will be looking out at you!

Create Spooky Eyes out of Toilet Paper and Paper towel tubes to hide in your trees for spooky Halloween decorations.
via Pinterest

Create a Spider Garland

Now this craft can be done a few different ways!

If you’ve got a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine you can easily cut out spider shapes and either string them together as a garland or add a glue dot and have them climbing the walls!

If you don’t have a cutting machine you can create spiders out of pipe cleaners, or purchase party favor spider rings and string them together to create a garland!

See – easy peasy!

DIY a Haunted House Luminary

Using a mason jar, or any other clear jar that you’ve got on hand, draw or outline spooky shapes. A house will look spooky when you draw it onto glass and put a tealight behind it to create a glow.

You can use any kind of markers on the outside of your glass and most (even some permanent ones) will wash off when you’re done with this craft.

Add in some bats or ghosts (drawn onto the glass) and. you’ve got an entire haunted village full of easy and quick DIY creations!

You can make this as easy as adding black stickers in the shape of eyes and a mouth to create luminaries!

Creepy Handprint Window Clings

Pour a little red paint onto a paper plate, put your hand in it and then add your handprint to cling wrap.

Let it dry, cut the excess cling wrap and you’ve got a bloody looking window cling.

You can add these to your windows or to a mirror to create a creepy view anywhere around your house!

Create Cheesecloth Spirits

Spirits made out of cheesecloth for spooky decor by Martha Stewart
via Martha Stewart

These are an easy project but you’ll need to leave a bit of time for the glue to dry so you’ll need to make them at least a day ahead of time. You should be able to pick up all the supplies at your craft store and you’ll have some very creepy decor.

Find the tutorial at Martha Stewart!

Dried Shrunken Heads

Use an apple to create a shrunken head for spooky Halloween decor
via Pinterest

Turn your apples into Dried Shrunken Heads!

These are fun to add as decor or you can use the small ones for a drink garnish. We love to add a couple onto a charcuterie board just for a bit of fun!

All you need for this craft is apples and a knife. You can use apples that are about to go bad or the ones that got dropped and have a big bruise on them – there’s no need to worry about your carving being exact since once these start shrinking up there’s no way to determine how they’ll look.

Peel your apple, carve a face onto it and then bake them at about 250 for around 3 hours until they’re dry and shrink up!

You can hang them, put them on top of candlesticks or poke a dowel into them and make them appear to be heads on stakes. So gross.

Spooky Halloween Specimen Jars

All those jars that you’ve washed and and saved – well now we have a fun craft to create with them!

Pick up some creepy crawlies at the dollar store – snakes, spiders and any kind of insect will do. You could also use a doll head for this craft.

Add a drop of green acrylic paint or food coloring to tint your water and it will make your insects look even creepier!

The water gives a little distortion to the objects inside so they’ll likely look bigger and scarier than they really are, which is what makes it great spooky Halloween decor.

The very best ones we’ve seen are from Dave Lowe Design all the way back from 2009 but still so popular. He uses all kinds of items and has you guess what’s inside of the jar so check that out and enjoy all the fun!

Spooky Doll Head Wreath

a spooky wreath made out of doll heads
via Pinterest

What can we say about this one other than it’s creepy!

You can find inexpensive dolls and doll parts at the dollar store or a craft store. If you’re thinking way ahead you could pick up dolls at yard sales during the season, but for this super creepy decor you just have to glue them onto a wreath and try not to cringe every time you walk past it!

The Easiest Spooky Decor

Our last idea is just to paint anything black. It can be anything, it’s all about how you set it up as a display – cover an area with a black piece of fabric or use fabric as a backdrop, set up your items that are painted black and then light them from underneath and make lots of shadows.

Easy and spooky without a lot of work!

We sure hope that you have a Happy Halloween and enjoyed all the spooky ideas!

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