Where We Buy the Best Supplies for The Silhouette

If you’ve got a cutting machine then you need to know the best places to buy supplies for the Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Explore. We’re sharing a few of our favorites for you to check out!

There are so many places to find supplies for the silhouette or cameo but when you’re first getting started you might be wondering how to get into the game without spending a fortune on supplies, or purchasing items you don’t really need.

We’ve used our cutting machine for several years now and we’ve found some great places to buy retail products without breaking the bank.

Of course once you’ve experimented with all the different projects you can do you’ll be able to narrow down the best places to buy from, but we’re sharing a couple of our favorites for you!

Another Tip: Be sure to sign up for mailing lists and join the clubs because there are always special offers to be had, including discounts for new accounts!

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Where to Shop for Supplies for the Silhouette (or Cricut)

First let’s be clear that these are all online.

You can certainly find supplies at your local craft store but they tend to be more expensive for less product so it’s definitely not the first place we’d choose.

Of course we love our craft shops for all kinds of products, and we definitely spend money there so don’t think that we don’t support in person shopping and definitely #shoplocal for sure!

Expressions Vinyl

This is definitely one of our favorite resources for buying material and supplies for the silhouette (or cricut).

You might have already heard of Expressions Vinyl. Not only are they are great place to buy supplies, they also have all kinds of great information and FAQ’s to help you out with figuring out different settings on your machine.

Be sure to check out their machine settings page for a quick diagram of settings, and they also have a few videos that share some projects and tips. They cover both the Silhouette and the Cricut so you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for here!

You can grab some sample packs that have different kinds of materials in them so you can try them out.

The prices are very reasonable and the selection is great so happy shopping!

Pro World

Hand down our favorite place to buy supplies for the silhouette (and Cricut) is Pro World.

While it might be a bit overwhelming if you’re new to this they have some of the best deals we’ve found anywhere.

If you’ve been buying vinyl for anytime at all then you know what colors you use the most and you can buy them by the cut instead of in sections. That makes the savings even better and the more you buy the better the discounts are.

We’ve also had custom transfers made out of a logo for applying to shirts and hats and it was much more cost effective to order them than to do the work ourselves.

If you are expanding into selling your creations or handling commercial orders you’ll definitely want to check this place out.

But don’t bypass them if you craft because there are some good deals to be had here!

Also their customer service is top notch, they’ve never failed to answer a question about a product or a process when we’ve contacted them.

Crafter Depot

Crafter Depot is just one of the many shops that you’ll find with supplies on Etsy and we have found that their prices are pretty competitive.

The best way to find what you’re looking for on Etsy is just search and read all the reviews. The reviews are often more helpful than the search box!

Happy Crafters

We love Happy Crafters especially because they don’t offer a million products. They offer the best products for a few projects. This makes it less confusing to find the best supplies for the Silhouette because there are less choices, but they are good choices!

You can find tutorials, tips and even some SVG files at Happy Crafters and blade settings for your machine for each product they carry. Super easy.

Be sure to sign up to get a discount on your orders and to find out about all the great new offers.


This is not always our first choice to buy supplies for the Silhouette (or Cricut) but I think we all shop there so it’s worth mentioning.

Many times we have found ourselves in need of a very small amount of a certain color that we’re not likely to use again (or at least not use anytime soon) and amazon is definitely a great resource.

You’ll definitely want to compare prices because these aren’t always the best but you will likely be able to find just about anything you need.

How to Choose Vinyl?

We’ve shared about how to choose the correct vinyl for projects and also about what our favorites are.

Of course you first need to determine what kind of project you’re doing and what you need for the project but we love Siser Easyweed and Oracal. Those are definitely our favorite brands to use.

Of course if you’re using glitter or leather there are lots of adjustments to make but for your basics we recommend these.

Which Brand of Vinyl Should I Avoid?

While we don’t believe that there are any bad brands of vinyl out there, some are definitely easier to work with than others.

Adhesive vinyl can also have a shelf life. The adhesive can become less effective after a period of time and that varies by product. The period of time varies but let’s say a year.

If you haven’t used the vinyl within a year it may (or may not) lose its stickiness.

We have definitely found some vinyls are much harder to use. They are thinner which makes them stretch more and harder to lay flat.

We highly recommend that you try Siser Easyweed and Oracal for your vinyl because these are proven brands and much easier to work with.

It’s tough to be a new crafter and be frustrated with lower quality vinyl. It can definitely make this a less fun craft.

You can purchase these at the big craft stores and we recommend them over the ones that you may see promoted by the craft stores. Also note that the prices are not always the best there so check around.

Are you new to searching for supplies for the Silhouette (or Cricut)? Drop your question below and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction!

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The best places to buy supplies for the Silhouette (or Cricut)

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