10 Easy and Fun Easter Crafts to DIY

We’re showcasing a few Easter crafts that are fun and easy to make. Most of these will be great kids crafts too and they feature lots of bright colors.

We are so ready for spring around our house!

The days are getting just a little bit longer and we’ve seen a few buds on the trees and hidden in the tall grasses. I can say we’re all ready for some more sunshine!

Of course it’s time for spring crafts and that means bring on all the Easter ideas. Flowers, eggs and bunnies are making their debut right now and we’ve got a few fun and bright crafts for you.

Just click on the images and they’ll take you right through to the tutorials on how to make these. And be sure to show us your creations by sharing them on Pinterest or tagging us on Instagram!

We’re always on the lookout for creative new ideas!

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A Flower Spring Craft by I Heart Crafty Things

Straw and Tulip Easter Crafts by I Heart Crafty Things
by I Heart Crafty Things

We’re starting off with a bright and colorful craft that might not scream Easter but it sure does scream Spring!

This is a fun and easy project that you can use in so many ways and so many colors.

Kids of any age will be able to make these pretty spring flowers with a minimum of help and you’ll have a fun wreath or centerpiece.


Easter Bunny Easter Crafts

Now we move on to Easter bunnies because who can resist a cottontail?

Cottontails just say spring and Easter don’t they and you know you can’t have Easter crafts without including bunny’s!

Easter Bunny Garland by DIY Candy

Easter Crafts Easter Bunny Garland by DIY Candy
by DIY Candy

This cute garland is one of our favorites and we’ve got lot’s of places to hang it this year.

It’s an easy garland to change up because different paper and colors will completely change the look of the garland.

This means that you can use this garland just about anywhere to decorate. It also means that we’ll have it in several of our houses but it’s going to be custom to each one! We all love that!

Washi Tape Easter Bunny by Home Fresh Ideas

Washi Tape Easter Bunny by Home Fresh Ideas
by Home Fresh Ideas

You know that we love washi tape right?

It’s one of our favorite ways to add fun details to a project and it’s such an easy material to use.

Of course it’s also one of those items that can completely change according to the colors that you use so it’s great for any decor.

You could also use a different template – like an egg!

Chocolate Bunnies by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Faux chocolate bunnies by Artsy Fartsy Mama
by Artsy Fartsy Mama

This project is high on our list of items to try.

Can you believe that these aren’t chocolate bunnies?

They’re faux chocolate.

It’s hard to tell from these photo’s because they look so much like the real things!

While we don’t want to eat faux chocolate, they sure do make cute decorations and this means we’d be able to use them again next year.

Unlike the chocolate that gets chalky if you keep it. (I mean we’ve heard that – we’ve never actually experienced it.)

Bunny Gumball Machine by Average But Inspired

Cute Easter Bunny Gumball Machine Spring Craft by Average Inspired
by Average But Inspired

This cute craft was inspired by the vintage gumball machines. When she couldn’t find an old machine to use, she improvised.

That means that we can all find the materials to make this cute project, and it makes a cute centerpiece for a table!

Just click on the photo and it’ll take you right through to the tutorial.

Easter Jars by Crazy Little Projects

Glitter Easter jars by Crazy Little Projects
by Crazy Little Projects

Another top material on our list is sparkles. I mean that’s not a material, officially it’s usually glitter, but we like anything that’s sparkly.

Glitter, sequins, shimmers. You name it, that’s our favorite color!

These sweet little jars can be used as a cute decoration, or you can fill them up and give them out as a gift or party favor.

Easter Egg Crafts

Not only are bunnies fun Easter crafts but of course there are Easter eggs.

It’s kind of funny that we call them Easter eggs since they are just regular eggs but I guess that story is for another day.

For now we’ll just concentrate on fun Easter egg crafts!

Folded Paper Eggs by Little Miss Celebration

Folded Paper Eggs  - these are an easy Easter craft to make by Little Miss Celebration
via Little Miss Celebration

These pretty eggs are made out of different shades of folded paper.

They are big enough to stand on their own, but you could make them small enough to put in a basket too, which means there are just so many different ways you could use them to decorate!

Glitter Easter Egg Wreath by Artsy Farsty Mama

A Glitter Easter egg wreath by Artsy Fartsy Mama
by Artsy Fartsy Mama

More glitter please!

If we’re going to have an egg wreath then we’re for sure going to have one that’s covered in glitter.

Of course you can make your wreath in pastels or not glitter, but we love this one!

It looks like you an also get most of the supplies for this wreath at the Dollar Store which makes it an even better project in our books!

Easter Egg Ornaments by The Life of Jennifer Dawn

Folded Paper Egg Craft by The Life of Jennifer Dawn
by The Life of Jennifer Dawn

Here’s another fun folded Easter egg craft.

These are made in an ornament style but we like the idea of using them on a garland. They’ll be more fun to look at across an open area since they aren’t flat.

They’re also similar to the project we shared above but a little bit simpler and her tutorial has templates and lot of great ideas!

A Fun Easter Button Craft by A Cultivated Nest

An Easter Craft made with buttons by A Cultivated Nest
by A Cultivated Nest

What can be cuter than colored buttons?

This is a great way to use pretty buttons and make a great piece of art.

If you’re using this for kids art you can make an outline and have them glue the buttons in a paint by number type art piece.

Or just give them a pile of buttons and an outline and let them create what they like!

Now you have 10 fun and easy Easter Crafts to make this spring and we’re certain that you’ll find plenty more ideas along the way!

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Here are some fun and easy Easter crafts that you can make this weekend.  Welcome spring and give your kids a fun project.

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