The Best Brush Letter Practice You Can Get for Free

We’ve got a great list of free brush letter practice sheets and tutorials right here for you to try. You’ll want a refreshment before you get started on all the fun we’ve got for you!

Our family was so lucky to be able to attend a Pinterest event and try out all kinds of crafts last fall. It was a great experience to see what’s popular on Pinterest and try some products and ideas that we hadn’t attempted yet.

One of our favorite classes was on brush lettering. It’s become so popular and anyone can make beautiful words using the techniques.

Of course the first thing to do when we returned home was to read all the articles and soak up as much information as possible on techniques.

You know that the real way to improve brush lettering is by practicing so here are the free brush letter practice sheets and tutorials that we liked the best, after we spent the day combing the web for you!

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Learn brush lettering so that your lettering looks better than mine -

Brush Lettering Supplies

The only supplies that you need for brush lettering are a brush pen and paper. You’ll find another post where we tell you about all the different ones that we’ve tried and what we liked and didn’t like about each, but for now we’re going to stick to tutorials and not supplies.

To get started just pick up a brush pen – use your coupon or grab one when they’re on sale.

You’ll also want some smooth paper to write on.

I wouldn’t invest in a large kit of colors until you’ve had some time to try out a few different brands because I bet you’ll find one that you like more than another.

For practicing, you may or may not want lines on your paper. When I first started I found that it was a lot easier to make my letters larger than most of practice sheets outlined.

It was easier to feel the movement by exaggerating the lines. I’m not sure that it actually helped me learn the letters any faster (I’m still learning) but that was my comfort zone.

Here is a list of tutorials and free downloads that were most helpful. There are more than enough to keep you busy for awhile. These are a few of my favorites and most of them have many more downloads on their sites.

I’m going to highly suggest you have some time and a beverage before you get started on this because it’s going to be so much fun!

Practice practice practice makes the brush lettering get better and better -

My Favorite Free Brush Letter Practice Tutorials for Beginners

There are lot’s of brush letter tutorials available online. I wanted to find some that were very specific on the basics first.

Like any new endeavor you’ll find that there are all kinds of opinions, skills and terms that can be confusing to a newbie. I started with the most basic and then jumped into some bigger tutorials and these were my favorites (so far!)


Lettering Basics: Brush Pens and Pen Pressure – Even though I spent a lot of time just drawing up and down lines, my mind just couldn’t get around how to apply the pressure every time. The suggestion of using my entire arm in this tutorial helped me out so much. And of course practice!

Basic Brush Lettering Challenge – Lyssy has a 14 day challenge to help you master brush lettering. One of the best things about the challenge is that the format is one e-mail per day. This helps you focus on one specific skill each day and then build on it on your way to mastering brush lettering.

She includes the brush letter practice sheets in the first e-mail and some tips on how to choose your favorite brush pen. Of course there are a ton more resources on her site to check out too but be sure to sign up for the e-mails!

The Beginner’s Guide to Brush Lettering – This is another guide that starts you out with showing you how to hold your pen and basic strokes. Learning those basic strokes is the key to making your letters look amazing.


Brush Lettering and Beyond – We were already familiar with The Petite Planner because of our bullet journal passion and she’s got a great tutorial on brush lettering. It’s divided into 5 parts and has free downloads attached and lot’s of tips.


Not Your Average Brush Pen Drills – This is a fun drill sheet to print and use. Since you’re just following patterns it can trick your mind into making the lines more easily. Once you’ve mastered the lines it makes it a lot easier to transfer that over to letters.

My Favorite FREE Brush Letter Practice Sheets:

Here’s a guide to different brush letter practice sheets for you to try. There are lots of different ones out there and you might pick up the skill quickly or need some time to practice.

We think you’ll definitely find at least a few brush letter practice sheets that you like on this list!

Free Brush Letter Practice Sheets by Homeschool On
Free Flourish Practice Sheets by Two Easels
Lettering Practice Worksheets by Tombow
Upper Case Alphabet Sheets by Amy Latta Creations
Lower Case Alphabet Sheets by Amy Latta Creations
Small Brush Worksheets by Dawn Nicole
Large Brush Worksheets by Dawn Nicole
Mini Guide by Brush Letter Practice Guide
Brush Lettering Guides by Michelle
Brush Lettering Practice Sheets by Kelly Sugar Crafts

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Be intentional brush lettering practice

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