How to Keep a Dream Log in Your Bullet Journal

Keeping a dream log is another great way to use your bullet journal. It can help you track things that are on your mind that you might not be paying attention to.

The Benefits of a Dream Log

Everyone dreams.

I’m sure you’ve had the experience of having a wonderful dream and waking up feeling warm and cozy and fulfilled.  I mean this would be the best way to wake up each and every day right?

Keeping a dream log or dream diary can help with this.

Do you dream vividly?  Can you remember what you dreamed about?  Do you sometimes wonder what your dreams mean?

I’ve always felt that dreams are our subconscious speaking to us and that we can only hear it when we’re in a more relaxed state.  Things that we can put off or ignore when we’re busy can resurface in our minds when we are at rest.

And you know that creative people are rarely “at rest” right?  

I don’t always remember my dreams and I’m not one to use a dream journal on a regular basis.  I do think that keeping a dream log in your bullet journal can be a great way to learn more about yourself.  If can provide insights on how you’re feeling or dealing with situations in your life.  It can also highlight your creativity.

A dream diary can also point you in some creative directions if you can free write about your dreams.  You may have just come up with the next million dollar product!

Really though, there really is scientific proof that keeping a dream log increases creativity.  So next time  you’re in the middle of that creative project a dream log might be a logical way to keep your creative juices flowing.

If you don’t already use a bullet journal you should definitely check out Why You Need One!

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What is a Dream Log or Dream Diary

A dream journal, dream diary or dream log, is simply a place to keep a record of experiences that you dream about in your sleep. You can start by simply writing down what you remember from your dreams.

As you move further along in your journey, you may want to start to analyzing what your dreams mean.  You may find that repeated themes have significance in your waking life.

A dream is a wish your heart makes

Why You Should Have a Dream Log

If you’re wondering why you should bother keeping a dream log at all, we’ve got a few good reasons:

Helps with Memory Recall

I don’t know about you but anything that helps me to remember things is going to get tried out.  Research has shown that tracking your dreams has some amazing effects on your life when you’re awake and memory recall is only one of them.

Enables You to Recognize Patterns in Your Dreams

That one dream that you have over and over at different times in your life?  That’s probably your subconscious trying to tell you something.  If you have a dream log you can check to see what was happening in your life the last time you had that dream, or parts of it.  This can help you determine how to react to different situations.

Makes Dream Interpretation Easier

Well you won’t be able to interpret your dreams if you can’t remember them.  And that relates back to recognizing patterns in your dreams.

Can help you Solve or Understand Problems in Your Life

This goes back to your mind being in a relaxed state.  You may have a sudden insight or “Aha!” moment where you figure out the answer to a problem that you’ve been working on.

Increases Creativity

I’m not even sure we need to comment on this!

How to Create a Dream Log

There are template’s and downloads that you can find online that will help you keep or start a dream log and we’ve included a great one below.  The basics of the templates are:

Keep Your Dream Log Close By

You’ll want to record your dreams as soon as you wake up so that you can remember as many details as possible.  This might mean that you scribble out notes and then write a more detailed log later in the day.  The best practice to remember as many details as you can is by recording everything you remember as soon as you wake up from the dream.

Use It Every Day

It’s easier to see patterns if you keep a constant log going.  You can also track recurrent dreams and relate it back to similar situations. Many people who keep a dream log have also commented that it helps them to remember their dreams more vividly when they are writing them down every day.

Be Very Detailed

Even the little things in your dreams may not mean anything to you at the time, but you may discover their meanings later.  Be sure to add your feelings, the colors, symbols, words, images, location and people that you remember.  These are all important parts of your dreams.

Interpret Your Dreams

You can write out what you think your dreams mean or consult a dream dictionary to get clarity on what certain things might mean.  Remember that dream dictionary’s are just a guide and that everyone’s dreams are very personal and can be interpreted differently.  Keeping a dream log long term can be much more helpful for interpreting dreams.

Templates for a Dream Log

Dream Prompts for Artists is a great way to connect with your creativity by and featured on

Our favorite template that we found for a dream log was by The Sleep Advisor.  Not only do they have an entire set of templates that you can download, they’ve also got lot’s of great information on getting a good nights sleep. 

And you know what better sleep means?  More dreams and more creativity.  That’s an idea we can certainly get behind.

You can download just the Creativity Sheets or you can download the entire Dream Journal Template Set and start a dream binder.  They have a great tutorial on all the sheets that are included and how to use them.  Using a template is almost always the best way to get started with a new project!

It’s also a great way to enhance your dream journal if you’re already keeping one.

Bullet Journal Dream Log Designs

Dream log for your bullet journal by @emmabeathe as featured on
via @emmabeathe

This is a great example of having plenty of space to record your dreams.  @emmabeathe says that the more times that she records her dreams the more she remembers the next time.

Asleep and Dreaming - Dream log for bullet journal by @kathrynzbrzezny featured on

Here’s another example of using space within her bullet journal to record dreams.  She leaves room for free writing and doesn’t have an exact template that she follows.

A Line a day dream log by @thebotanicalbullet featured on

This is a beautiful instagram account that uses plants and swirls in almost every design.  Her dream log is a line a day (or a few lines a day) that she has tried out for a period of time.  

What Next

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