12 Amazing Bullet Journal Gifts for Your Friends

Are you looking for the best bullet journal gifts to give to your friends?  Or did you start a bullet journal and you’re curious about what supplies will be great for you to use without spending a fortune?  Well read on because we’ve got some ideas for you.

Your Friends will love these Bullet Journal Gifts

Are you looking for a great gift idea for a friend? 

If you know she’s got a Bullet Journal you can do a little detective work and find out what tools she already uses, then you can check this list to come up with a few great bullet journal gift ideas for her.

I’ve been asked over and over what my favorite supplies are for a bullet journal.  While I may have gotten  started on the bullet journal craze much later than some, I have definitely sampled my share of supplies.

Trying out different pens and notebooks is a great excuse to buy more stationary, which is one of my favorite things to shop for.  (Ssh, don’t tell my husband that’s where all that money is going.)

Remember that all these supplies are not necessities, you can start a bullet journal with just a pen and paper like we explained here. These are all fun additions, and they’re great ideas for your bullet journal buddies, but don’t let the planning of your bullet journal take away from the actual using of it. 

We don’t want you to wind up with the dreaded closet full of craft supplies.

Bullet Journal Gifts Under $10

Here are the best bullet journal gifts that are under $10.  You can easily spend a fortune putting together a bullet journal so you want to be sure that you’re buying items that you can use again and again, and if you’re gift giving there are some great choices on here. 

But we won’t tell anyone if you’re buying them for yourself.

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Glitter Highlighters – These are exactly what you’re thinking – a highlighter with glitter in it.  We love sparkles and this is a great way to incorporate them into your bullet journal.

This is a 5 color set but there are several others to choose from so you can choose based on your budget.

Angle and Circle Maker – This is the perfect little tool is for making circles and angles.  It’s basically a protractor (do you remember those from school?) but it’s much easier to use, and it’s much cuter.

Artists Loft Watercolor Paint Pearlescent – These are beautiful watercolor paints that have a pearlescent sheen to them.  They don’t smudge and they don’t have that pesky chalky reside that some of the paints leave.  This set has a great selection of colors for a very reasonable price.

If you haven’t tried using watercolors in your bullet journal then you’re in for a treat.

Washi Tape – I think there are so many uses for washi tape.  You can use it to attach items to your pages, underline, highlight, etc.  You can write on washi tape so it can be a great decoration for your journal pages and if you fold it over on the edge of a page it makes a great place holder. We recommend heading over to Amazon, where you can find washi tape in ANY design you could think of dogs, gold foiled, rainbow, stenciled… and the list goes on.

Masking Stickers – Masking stickers are a change up from washi tape.  They’re pre-cut so you have a variety of stripe sizes on each page, and they include dots.  They are usually easier to write on than some of the washi tapes.  This set includes 27 different pages so it’s a great selection of colors and designs. 

You can also use them as tabs on your pages, just fold them over themselves on the edge of the page to make a place holder.

Wite-Out Correction Tape – There’s no reason to think that your journal has to be perfect, but there’s also nothing more frustrating than getting that perfect design finished and then writing the wrong thing.  Or on the wrong line, or; well you get the picture. 

I might be a bit of a perfectionist so I find that the correction tape is a necessity.  Even if it doesn’t exactly match your page color, once you write over it you won’t even be able to tell.  No one will ever guess that there was a mistake on your beautiful design.

Almost everyone has a pen that they love.  I’m not loyal to a favorite, there are a few that I like better than others.  The important thing about pens when you’re journaling is that they don’t bleed through or ghost the paper and they don’t smudge.  These can make you unhappy with your journal results.

One of the more popular pens is the Pilot G2 pen in size 05, or extra fine point.  This is a retractable pen, which is a bonus in my book because the first thing I will do with a cap is promptly lose it.  This pen also has a nice flow and feeling to it when you’re writing. So if I’m going to recommend a pen, this is the one.

Bullet Journal Stencils – This is a giant pack of 30 stencils and it includes everything you need.  It has over 1500 patterns, which make a dizzying array of combinations.  Since I tend to be a perfectionist, these stencils save me a lot of time and frustration. 

They also have their own storage bag so you don’t have a bunch of them winding up in random places.  I mean, as long as you put them back into their handy bag.

Stickers – A great additional to anyone who loves a colorful bullet journal. Just like washi tape, we recommend heading over to Amazon and finding a set that matches your bujo lovers personality.  I mean who doesn’t love stickers?

Bonus points for sending us your favorites in the comments!

Bullet Journal Gifts over $10

If you’re going to splurge we’ve got a few ideas for you too.  Some of these are just over the $10 pricetag and some are a definite splurge for the journal enthusiast.

Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size   – this is going to be the notebook that almost every serious bullet journal loves.  If you don’t use a bullet journal yourself you may wonder what the craze over these expensive notebooks is.

This notebook has dotted grid paper, which makes it easier to add designs to than a lined or graph notebook.  The paper is acid free and ink proof so you don’t have to worry about your designs bleeding through to the other side.  It also includes numbered pages and a table of contents to get you organized quickly.  I secretly love the pocket since I can stash all kinds of papers in it!  But most importantly it opens flat.  This is something you have to consider when you’re doing a lot of writing or designing in a notebook.

We promise that this is a bullet journal gift that will always be appreciated.

Planner pouches – Isn’t this a fun find?! Just be sure to purchase the correct size for the journal you’re shopping for.

These nifty designs include a pouch to hold stencils, tapes, stickers and more while also including a handy area on the front for your favorite pen!

Colored Pencils – You may be wondering why colored pencils made it onto the over $10 list, but it turns out that not all colored pencils are created equal.

Bullet journal lovers will appreciate the bright pigments of artist-grade colored pencils and we love this Derwent set that comes in a beautiful tin perfect for gifting!

So which are your favorite Bullet Journal Gifts?  Are you planning them for yourself or for a friend?

Did all these supplies get you excited for bullet journaling yourself? Learn more on our introduction to bullet journaling here. 

Or check out The Benefits of Journaling.

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