How to Create A Fantastic Faux Crystal Jewelry Dish

We are willing to bet that you didn’t know you could make these crystal jewelry dishes with faux crystals did you? Follow along and we’ll show you how we made ours!

DIY your own crystal jewelry dish or make a few for friends

We have been seeing these cute crystal jewelry dishes all over instagram lately and while they are super cute – they can be pretty pricey too. 

That got us to wondering if there was anything we can use to make a faux crystal jewelry dish without breaking the bank. 

We’re kind of thrifty that way!

Now, we think you’ll agree that we did a pretty good job when you keep reading. Soooo

Check out our 3 different styles and see which one you like the best!

We started off making these dishes with the same supplies and then we added some variations while we were assembling them.

One is in all paler colors, one has a lot of contrast, and one includes shimmery metallic paint.  But they all turned out amazing and you’ll definitely be impressed!

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Supplies for a Faux Crystal Jewelry Dish

Are you ready for the big surprise? 

Our secret to our faux crystal’s?

You’re going to love it!

It’s sea glass.


Sea glass is easy to find (hint – we picked ours up at the local dollar store) and if you hunt through the packages there are some that have some reasonably large sized pieces in them.  So we highly recommend spending a few minutes sorting through the available packages.

The only supplies that you’ll need for this project are:

  • Sea glass
  • Small Dish
  • Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Paint or Paint Pen (optional)

We looked for small dishes at the dollar store also but we didn’t find any that were the perfect size for our project.  Sometimes they have a great selection and other times we have to keep hunting.

We wound up picking these up at Target, but I think you can find some inexpensive dishes just about anywhere so just add them to your list to pick up when you’re out shopping.

This is also a great project to make with thrifted dishes! You’ll almost always find some pretty saucers that would be great for this project!

All the supplies you need to make a faux crystal jewelry dish.

You’ll want to start off by arranging your stones before you glue any of them down.

Just lay them down all around the plate and see how it looks. You can put them around the edges or just on one side.

This is your chance to be creative so make those faux crystals shine!

Be sure to set your arrangement of stones before you start gluing them down

Once you like your pattern just add some hot glue and glue them to your dish.

For the larger crystals add some glue to the bottom of each one.

For the smaller crystals it’s easiest to add the glue right to your dish and then press them onto the surface.

Of course you want to be careful with this step if you’re using hot glue.

Don’t forget it’s HOT!

Use a toothpick or a dowel to move the crystals around on your crystal jewelry dish so you don’t get burned.

Creating a faux crystal jewelry dish using sea glass

Once you’ve finished gluing down the crystals just add your jewelry and you’ve got a beautiful little faux crystal jewelry dish.

These are a very inexpensive gift that looks amazing.

We’ve already got a list of people waiting for us to “gift” them with one!

This is Dish #1. 

We used only the lighter colored glass on it.

A beautiful and easy DIY Crystal Jewelry Dish using faux crystals.

On this dish  (Dish #2) we added a metallic painted edge.  You can use a paint pen or  small brush to add this detail.

The metallic paint is a beautiful contrast to the cobalt blue.

Closer look at the faux crystal jewelry dish

Painting Your Crystal Jewelry Dish

We used paint to make this crystal jewelry dish

For Dish #3 we used a more abstract design.  We used a black permanent marker to color the edges of the dish and gold metallic paint covered the crystals.

This gave the dish a more moody and abstract look than the other two.

Metallic gold and black paint were used to make this crystal jewelry dish

So are you ready to create your own faux crystal jewelry dish?

Or even a jewelry dish with real crystals.  It’s always a better deal when you DIY!

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Here's an easy to make faux crystal dish - you won't believe what we used instead of crystals for a bargain!

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