Easy DIY Dollar Store Spring Wreath

You can whip up this dollar store spring wreath for a bargain with just a few items and have a gorgeous spring wreath ready in an afternoon!

We love to pop into the dollar store when there’s one nearby just to see what kinds of seasonal items they have on hand.

Not to mention their craft supplies. You can pick up wreath forms, styrofoam forms and some other craft supplies for a bargain so it’s never a bad idea to check.

We are all for a quick and easy DIY so check out what we picked up at the dollar store to make a pretty spring wreath!

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Make a gorgeous hoop wreath for less than $10!

Supplies You Need for a Dollar Store Spring Wreath

You only need a few supplies from the dollar store:

  • A Wreath Form
  • Flowers
  • Eucalyptus or other greenery
  • Optional – ribbon

Other supplies:

  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors or Clippers
  • Felt or Fabric (or even cardboard)

This was the first time that we’d seen these hoop wreath forms.

Wreath forms from the dollar store

That isn’t to say that they haven’t had them for a very long time, it just happened to be the first time we found them in stock in our store. They are such a great deal.

We’re not even going to research how much a single one of these costs at a bigger craft store because we’ve paid it in the past.

But in this pack you get three different sizes!

We only used the largest one so now we have two smaller versions for another project. Win – Win!

You’ll also want to pick up some flowers and some eucalyptus or other type of greenery for your wreath.

Flowers, Greenery and a wreath form and the supplies to make a dollar store spring wreath
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If you’re shopping during the season you’re making the wreath, you are likely to only find that season of floral. Or you might find some past season floral but we haven’t really ever found that to be the case.

We are shopping for a spring wreath, and it’s not really spring, but it is after the holidays so everything is moving to spring decor.

We were able to find some big cabbage type roses and some hydrangeas. Definitely spring type flowers. We also found seeded eucalyptus (faux) and opted for that instead of the regular.

We’ve been buying seeded eucalyptus fresh when it’s available as well but it can get messy when it dried out too much so the faux is a great choice to make a wreath we can use again in the future!

How to Assemble Your Dollar Store Spring Wreath

First, you’ll want to remove your flowers from their stems so that you can secure them to your wreath.

Cutting the stems off the flowers we are using for our dollar store spring wreath

You can use scissors for this and sometimes you can even just pop the flowers off the end of their stems but we find that using a pair of garden clippers or wire cutters is the best tool. You can easily decide how close to the flower you’d like them to be cut.

Next you’ll need to create a space for your flowers on your wreath form

Since we decided to use this very thin wreath form we needed something that we could glue our flowers and greenery too.

We decided to use a piece of leftover felt but you could just as easily use a piece of cardboard or a piece of fabric.

We glued a piece of scrap felt to our wreath form to give it some form.

Really anything that you can glue your flowers too will work!

Be very careful using your hot glue for this step.

Remember it’s hot. Really hot.

Why is that so hard to remember?

We use a hot glue gun for so many projects and still manage to burn ourselves on a pretty regular basis.

Maybe this is just a lesson that keeps going on and on!

Gluing greenery onto a wreath form

Before you start gluing your flowers to your wreath, you may want to lay out your flowers to see how you’re going to add them to your form.

We glued our greenery down after we trimmed it a bit. It helped to lay everything out in a design so that we could see approximately how long we needed our greenery stems to be.

Some of them were left a little longer so that there was some variation to the wreath.

Then you can just start adding to your wreath.

We put down the greenery first, then added flowers on top of it.

Then, If you want to embellish your wreath with ribbon or any other spring items this is the time to do it.

If you’re adding items to your wreath you may also want to hold your wreath up (like it’s hanging) instead of having it lay on a flat surface. This way you can see how all your pieces look when they’re glued down and also check to see if you need to secure any spots before you hang up your wreath.

The Finished Dollar Store Spring Wreath

The finished dollar store spring wreath

Once you’ve secured all your flowers and greenery you’re ready to put your wreath out for a display!

We did find that the thin wreath form looked really good against a solid surface. We weren’t big fans of it on the Kearby front door because it just didn’t show up very well.

It sure did pop against the purple wall though!

There you have it, a quick and easy (and inexpensive) dollar store spring wreath!

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