9 New Punch Needle Project Ideas to Try for Free

Have you tried a punch needle project yet? It’s such a fun style of art that has unlimited creative possibilities and we’ve got a few free templates for you!

Punch needle embroidery is a really enjoyable craft and you can be so creative with it. It’s not hard to do and we know you can find a fun pattern that you’ll love to try this out!

We started off with a kit that we found on Amazon for our first project and it was a great way to try out this fun craft. It came with everything we needed to get started and made it much easier to figure out what we’d need to move forward with this fun hobby.

We’re planning to show you that project and some other tools that we’ve tried in the future but for now we’re sharing all the fun projects we’ve found and can’t wait to start!

We’ve gathered a few FREE punch needle patterns for you to try. These are all free to download and use and we’ve got easy to advanced so whether you’re new or not, we’ve got a template for you!

We’ve checked these patterns to make sure that they have detailed instructions and easy to follow directions. They also include illustrations to help you.

Check out our selection of punch needle project patterns!

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Punch Needle Project Templates

We found that THIS PUNCH NEEDLE TUTORIAL was pretty extensive for a beginner. It has links to the all the different supplies and explanations of why you’d choose them and what they’re good for. We found several other tutorials but this is a good one to start out with.

There are also plenty of links for projects and more on this site and of course our very first free template!

Beginner Punch Needle Project by Studio Koekoek

Studio Koekoek has everything you need for any kind of textile crafts that you can imagine. They have an exhaustive list of tutorials, supplies and several templates for you to try. We chose this one because it’s a great beginner project and includes all the details and supply list that you need to get started and complete this project.

Since it has a limited color palette we think it’s an easier one to try at the beginning of your journey into punch needling!

Punch Needle Project by Studio Koekoek
by Studio Koekoek

Flower Burst Punch Needle Pattern by Moogly

Moogly is mainly focused on crochet patterns but anyone who loves to crochet is definitely going to experiment with other textile arts!

Tamara has an amazing amount of projects, tutorials, templates and just plain fun that you should check out.

Her punch needle tutorial is a pattern she created and we love that she also shares the backside of a pattern. Sometimes we look at the back and wonder if we’re doing it all completely wrong so that’s always a great reassurance!

Flower Burst Punch Needle Pattern by Moogly
by Moogly

Floral Punch Craft Project by Wonderfil

Wonderfil is a thread company that carry’s all kinds of threads and supplies it to lots of boutiques so it makes sense that they’ve got a few free patterns to work from. When you click through to this project it will give you 3 similar but different patterns that you can use.

The tutorial is thorough and easy to follow so this is a fantastic beginner project.

Floral punch needle project by Wonderfil
by Wonderfil

Sun Pillow by Sugar & Cloth

This is an extensive tutorial and while they repeatedly call it latch hooking they are actually using a punch needle so please forgive us in advance if that confuses you.

If you read the tutorial you will understand the project and we love that they’ve created a pillow with it when they’re done so we had to share this pattern with you!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to make it into a pillow. It sure is cute though!

Sun Pillow Punch Needle Project by Sugar & Cloth
by Sugar & Cloth

Intermediate Punch Needle Project

This project is a little bit more advanced than the beginner project!

Grapefruit Stuffy Craft by HomeDay Studio

This project has different links to find different parts of it but you’ll easily be able to follow along and find what you need.

You can start with how to punch needle and finish with how to finish it into a pillow or wall hanging. In between is the template to download and materials so it should be an easy one to follow along.

We only moved it to the intermediate section because it felt like we had to click lots of places to get the actual tutorial on this punch needle project.

Grapefruit punch needle project by HomeDay Studio
by HomeDay Studio

Abstract Wall Hanging by DMC (UK)

This project is a gorgeous abstract wall hanging and gives you a list of all the supplies that you’ll need to complete it along with the tutorial.

You can download this pattern for free and there are several other free patterns along with some inexpensive patterns to purchase that you can access directly on their site so be sure to check around while you’re there!

Note that all of their punch needle templates that are available for free are considered to be intermediate projects so take that into consideration.

Abstract Wall Hanging Punch Needle Project by DMC (UK)
by DMC (UK)

Monstera Leaf Pillow by Dream a Little Bigger

This actual project template is considered a beginner project by Allison but I think it’s safe to say she has some experience using different kinds of textile crafts so we’re going to file it under intermediate.

If you’re able to create a pillow out of your art then this will be a beginner project but we can’t lie – we are in love with the mostera leaf and it might be the first bigger pattern we try after we get our feet wet with the smaller ones!

Do you think this punch needle project pillow will look at home next to our Monstera plant?

Monstera Leaf Punch Needle Pillow Project by Dream a Little Bigger
by Dream a Little Bigger

Advanced Projects

These are not necessarily advanced projects, they’re just not beginner projects if that makes sense. We’re sharing some templates that don’t include all the information you need to complete the project which means you’ll either need to have plenty of materials on hand or you’ll need some experience to be able to estimate what you need to complete the projects!

The intermediate projects still included all the information. These projects are really just free templates that you can download and then you’re on your own.

Grapefruit Purse and home Footstool by Hobby Lobby

This is an inspiration upload by Hobby Lobby but you can click through to the flyer, which includes a few templates at the end including these. We think either of these makes a great project but there’s not tutorial attached, just a template so use it and make a great design with it!

We love both of these and they’ll be on our list. That list that just keeps on growing with projects we love and projects we still want to try!

Punch Needle Project Templates by Hobby Lobby
by Hobby Lobby

Have you tried a punch needle project yet? If you have tell us any tips that you’ve learned so we can share them! Of course we always want to see your projects for inspiration!

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9 Free Punch Needle Project Templates that you can find for free!

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