20 Amazing Alcohol Ink Projects for You to Try

Wow – have you been seeing all these alcohol ink projects popping up these days?

I’m guessing that you have and that’s why you’re here!  You want to see all the fun projects we’ve found!

And of course this is a craft experiment that we’re ready to take on and share with you, so we’re starting with some research.

I mean every good craft experiment has to start with research right?

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Where Can I Use Alcohol Inks?

We’re trying to decide which project to start with and we’re leaning toward either paper (greeting cards) or tiles. 

Alcohol inks can be used on pretty much any non-porous surface that you can think of, and a few that are porous – think paper.  Although they work better on certain types of paper. 

Of course that’s why we’re doing research, so we know what supplies will work the best.

Here are just a few places to try alcohol ink:

  • Paper
  • Metal
  • Tile
  • Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Glass

We’ll share our project with you when we get it finished but for now we’re sharing all the fun alcohol ink projects that we’ve been studying to learn more about it.

Greeting Cards made with Alcohol Ink

While many people use Yupo paper as the background for alcohol inks you can also use a glossy paper or even watercolor paper.

Most of the samples that we found include other kinds of embellishments along with the alcohol ink.

Check out all these fun examples.

Alcohol Ink on Metal

While metal is not high on my list of objects to try alcohol ink with, I have to admit that there are some stunning ways to use it.

After a little more research we think that jewelry making may get added to the list of crafts to try and alcohol ink on metal will definitely be in that category.

Check these out!

Alcohol Ink Painting

Eventually we aspire to being able to make beautiful paintings with our alcohol inks!

If you're a fan of abstract art check out all of these amazing pieces!

More Alcohol Ink Projects

Now we have a few more projects that are just plain fun.

Alcohol ink can be used on so many different things and here are just a few that are their very own categories for you to check out.

So which project’s have you tried and which one do you think we should start with?

Of course we’ve added almost every one of these to our list and now we’re ready to get started with alcohol ink on #allthethings. 

We think we’ll start small with some paper and card projects and then move onto some ceramic or glass.  

Since we just finished a kitchen renovation I know that those subway tiles are only about 15 cents each, which seems like a bargain for a project.

Although tile seems like it could lead to another project….but that’s for another day.

Alcohol Ink Supplies

So now that we’ve picked out an alcohol ink projects or two (ahem) we’ve got to gather our supplies.  Here’s what we’re shopping for.

Yupo Paper

Yupo Paper

Alcohol Inks 

Alcohol Ink
Alcohol Ink
Alcohol Ink

If you enjoyed these projects you should also check out a few of our “how to’s”

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Be sure to share your alcohol ink projects with us, we’re always looking for more inspiration and fun.  And be sure to pin this to your favorite board so that you’ll be able to come back and find it later.

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Amazing Alcohol ink projects and tutorials that you can try. This is an amazing product that you can use on non-porous surfaces WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Use your alcohol inks to make all these projects - did you know there were so many ways you could use them? WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Are you ready to try alcohol ink painting? We've got inspiration and tutorials for you to check out. You can use alcohol inks on paper, glass, ceramic, metal and other non-porous surfaces and make some amazing art. WildflowersAndWanderlust.com

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  1. Brilliant compilation! It’s amazing to see how alcohol ink can be used on so many surfaces and used to create such beautiful effects. I particularly loved the handmade clear glass ornaments. Perfect gift for holiday season; handmade crafts are always much more appreciated by receivers.

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