14 Easter Wreaths You Can Easily Make This Afternoon

We’ve shared lots of spring wreaths and we’ve made a few but we’ve never looked specifically for Easter wreaths! Check out what we found!

We made this super cute Easter Egg Topiary project a few days ago and started thinking that we hadn’t ever really done wreaths that were related to Easter.

DIY Easter Egg Topiary Tree

We’ve definitely shared some amazing Spring Wreaths but not Easter specific. There are some great spring wreaths that we’ve shown you though!

I guess it depends on when Easter actually falls on the calendar.

Since it changes every year sometimes it’s so early it gets wrapped up into us just getting switched from winter to spring.

Then sometimes we get a little time in there and put up spring and find ourselves adding in some Easter decor with it.

Don’t get us wrong – we definitely love bunny’s and put them out with spring decor.

Of course birds eggs also qualify.

But give us all those bright colored Easter eggs and we’re in heaven!

We haven’t chosen which wreath we’re going to make yet but here’s a fun selection of 14 Easter wreaths that you can DIY.

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Easter Wreaths to DIY

We will admit that there were a couple thrown in there that weren’t specifically Easter wreaths, but you can definitely say that any Easter wreath will also qualify as a spring wreath so whatever direction you’re going we bet you found something to love!

We are definitely ready to put up some brightly colored eggs so now we just have to see what supplies we have on hand to get started. We’ll probably also need to look at some more ideas to make sure we haven’t missed anything!

Which one was your favorite?

Which one are you going to make this weekend?

Have you seen these other projects?

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Easter wreaths

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