10 Easy Egg Carton Crafts for Kids and Adults

Egg carton crafts are a great way to recycle and we’re sharing some ideas here for kids and adults! Check the bottom for some amazing projects.

Now that we don’t have a shortage of eggs anymore, we’ve found ourselves with a lot of egg cartons to recycle. Generally, we give them to our local egg lady to store and sell eggs in, but somehow we’ve still got a larger stash than usual.

While we have several crafts on our site that are great for making with kids, we are sharing some other crafts and fun for a variety of ages to inspire you. Plus, we think you’ll be amazed by a couple of these ideas!

If you’ve made any of these projects, be sure to send us a photo so we can see what you’ve done with the inspiration. And be sure to stay healthy until we’re all back together doing crafts in groups again!

Egg Carton Craft Supplies

Of course you’re going to need egg cartons to make these craft projects, but there are a few other supplies that you can add. Most of these are optional but check out each project to see what you have or what you can substitute!

Also, an adult probably needs to be the one to cut out the egg cartons initially since they can be a little tough and we don’t want anyone getting hurt, and it’s almost impossible to cut an egg carton with kids scissors.

Supplies you may need:

  • Egg Cartons
  • Paint (variety of colors) and paintbrushes
  • Glue
  • Construction Paper
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Google Eyes
  • Pom Poms
  • Ribbon or string
  • Buttons
  • Beads

Easy Egg Carton Craft Ideas for Kids

Egg Carton Critters


Egg carton animals are a fun and easy craft that you can make using supplies that you have on hand. All you really need is an egg carton and some embellishments. You can add paint, google eyes, pieces of construction paper, or even feathers.

These are a fun project to work on and then to play with when they are finished.

Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls has lot’s of activity ideas divided by ages and by subject so if egg carton animals aren’t your thing then check out her site and see what other projects would be fun to create with your kids.



When you add some pom poms to your supplies you can design all kinds of fun animals. We love these turtles and by limiting our paint to one color, it also limits our mess!

You’ll also need a little construction paper for this project, but if you don’t have some you can try using the top tray from the egg carton.

If your cartons are styrofoam they’re a great place to hold paint while you’re working on these projects.



Who can resist a cute penguin?

These can be made with paint only, or by cutting and gluing paper for the penguins design.

Using scissors is a great dexterity exercise for kids so as long as you’re supervising this is a great project.

We’re betting that an igloo would be an easy project to make out of egg carton’s too!



Did you notice that the googly eyes are different sizes on this bee? That might be our favorite part of it!

Add some glittery pipe cleaners to your craft kit for the wings, and if you don’t have any you can easily cut out some paper and make wings from that.

But make sure you get those eyes!



These little snails leave a lot of room for creativity. Older kids are going to be able to add a lot more details to the “shell”. The snails are all going to have a unique head too since it involves twisting up pipe cleaners.

Go crazy with colors on this one and show us how creative you are!

More Advanced Egg Carton Crafts

A wreath for any season


This wreath is by far one of our favorite egg carton crafts. It can be a giant necklace or a wreath. And it can be decorated in so many different ways.

Use some pastel colors for a spring wreath, or red, white and blue for a patriotic wreath.

Older kids could paint the egg carton sections to look like flowers. Of course they can be attached closer together or have ribbon ties between them.

The possibilities to embellish this project make it one of our favorites!

Wall Hanging

There’s no tutorial for this project but I think we can probably figure out how to put it together. The hardest part of this one is going to be poking a hole through the egg carton to run your string or ribbon through it.

It does make a cute wall decoration though. You could use a dowel or a branch and you could use jute or twine, or some pretty ribbon. You could add some beads too…..so many ideas!

Plant Holders

Here’s a project that uses a different part of the egg carton than we’re used to seeing. It’s the longer part that’s between the egg sections. It makes a completely different shape to work with.

Now I don’t think a cardboard carton would last if you actually had a plant in it that required water, but if you were using a styrofoam container you could probably make this a project that would last.

Or you could use some fake succulents and get the same effect. It would make a cute window decoration, especially in a smaller kitchen!

Flower Art

This cute canvas would be a great Mother’s Day gift wouldn’t it?

If you don’t have a canvas to use, a lid to a shoe box or a thick piece of cardboard would work great too. Just get a nice coat of paint on that and if the flowers make a contrast you’ve got a great piece of art.

These roses take a much higher skill level, or a bigger commitment of time. Each rose takes 3 sections of the egg part of the carton and a strip from the lid so you’ll need multiple cartons for this one. They’ll need to be cardboard too since you’re rolling and forming these into shapes.

This is one of our favorite projects on this page. We can’t decide between this one or the wall hanging. Or the mini pots for succulents.

Well at least we’ve got plenty of ideas to work on now.

The Best Egg Carton Craft We Found

via Rosi Jo

This one though – this is beyond our capabilities, or maybe just our patience.

Wow! Isn’t this amazing?

This is completely made out of egg cartons.

Don’t underestimate how you can use an egg carton because we could never have imagined this!

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Here are some easy egg carton crafts that aren't just for kids - check out the wreath and the wall hanging and challenge yourself.

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