12 Amazing Projects to Beautify Your Boho Decor

We’re sharing some of our favorite boho decor projects that you can use to liven up your space!

Oh how we love our boho decor! 

Boho decor has come a long way from it’s hippy and gypsy style.  It’s the perfect way of blending styles, colors and textures. 

We would dare say that boho is more of a lifestyle than an actual decorating style.  It’s using what you have and blending styles to create your very own.  There are a range of items that would fit under the boho style and our favorite one is texture.

Texture is brought into the mix in the layers and surroundings including rugs, pillows, curtains and wall hangings.  No one is every going to confuse boho with modern style!

Macrame is also a hallmark of the boho style.  Using cording, yarn or string, you’ll find wall hangings, plant holders and dream catchers.  You may also find that feathers and arrows appear in many of the designs that are considered boho.

We’ve got a great list of DIY boho projects to get you started on creating or finishing your own boho decor.  Turn on that boho style and enjoy the comfort that it brings into your space. 

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Boho Home Decor Ideas

So which projects are you going to try out for your space?  We’re looking forward to seeing your ideas and project so share them with us in the comments below.  

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