12 Awesome Macrame Wall Hangings for Your Unique Space

Neutral Macrame Wall Hangings

We’ve been working on setting up our craft area in our guest house.  What that really means is that we have a multi-purpose room. 

We can craft in there all day long but it has to be guest ready with a little bit of notice.  But at least we’re lucky enough to require a little bit of notice.

This little cabin is a cedar building and the inside of the cabin is also lined in cedar.  Cedar is brown to brownish-gray.  It’s a lot of brown…

It’s brown on the outside and on the inside.  And I’m talking floors, walls and ceiling.  You get the picture right? 

Lots of brown.

The decision has been made to not make any changes to the structure, so in spite of wanting to make the whole thing white and bright, it will remain a cedar cabin.  It is a cute little cabin and we know that we’re lucky to have this extra space.

So we are working around the brown by adding in some lighter colors and textures.  Since we can’t go crazy with bright colors we’re just adding a little boho charm.

That means we need to bring on some neutral inspiration!

We started with a pom pom garland and now we are moving on to decorating a wall with macrame and woven art.  There are so many great patterns and knots that truly make each piece unique.

These are our starting ideas and now we have to figure out which ones to purchase and which ones to make!  (and one wall is probably not going to be enough!)

So read on for our macrame wall hanging ideas that we’ve gathered so far.  And then stay tuned and see what we end up with on the wall.

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1.  Antler and Macrame Wall Hanging

Antler and Macrame Wall Hanging for Decoration | WildflowersAndWanderlust.com

I can’t find a source for this image and I’m guessing that it might have been a previous listing for an Etsy shop.  If you find the owner please comment or shoot us an e-mail so that we can link it to them.

The antler is such a pretty and unique way to hang this art.  The rest of the design is pretty simple so it doesn’t compete with the antler.  We found a great tutorial on making the feather shapes here so check that out if you want to make some of those.

Since we’re in central Texas, antlers are a true part of decorating and also freely available when you wander.  I think it will be pretty easy to round some up to use and this is a great inspiration piece.

2.  Copper Embellished Wall Hanging

I love this Macrame and Pipe Wall hanging from Etsy | WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Esme Wall Hanging from Etsy

This is an Etsy listing that you can purchase in a longer or shorter version and we are loving the copper accents.  They add a nice shine that stands out from the nubby texture of the cording.  This beauty is handmade and the asymmetrical shape is subtle at the bottom giving it a nice fullness.

3.  Branch and Beads Wall Hanging

Leha Wall Hanging by Bungalow Drift | WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
Leha by Bungalow Drift

Bungalow Drift has a lot of really great wall hangings.  There’s definitely a beachy boho vibe to her designs and I love the use of driftwood and beads in this wall hanging.  The beads are the perfect smooth accent to the nubby textures.

This particular wall hanging is a one of kind due to the fact that she used a piece of driftwood for the base.  So obviously we can’t recreate it but we might just have to buy it!

4.  Mop Head Macrame Wall Hanging

Macrame Art made out of a mophead by Cuckoo4Design - what a brilliant idea | WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
by Cuckoo 4 Design

This macrame design used a mop head for the base of it.  Creative alert – when you last looked at a mop did you think “hmmm, what could I make out of this?”

This design was originally inspired by the next project, made by The Nester, but I would definitely check out both of these designs.  They have great ideas and inspiration.  Especially if you’ve picked up a mop and you want to use it for macrame!

5.  Macrame from a Mop Head

Here's a macrame wall hanging by The Nester | WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
by The Nester

This is the original design that inspired Cuckoo 4 Designs wall hanging.  The Nester uses the string from a mop head and a pile of pom poms and beads to embellish her art. 

Be sure to check out her blog for the tutorial and inspiration.  She’s also got a lot of great cozy home ideas on her blog, it’s definitely one of our favorites.

6.  Wood and Tassel Wall Art

Tassle and Wood Wall Hanging | WildflowersAndWanderlust.com

This is a beautiful use of wood and tassels.  I love how the artist has used two pieces that cross each other and that adds some interest. I think it will look fantastic on a gallery type wall with some other pieces.  It’s neutral and it can stand on its own.

7.  Twist Style Macrame Wall Hanging

Twist Macrame Art | WildflowersAndWanderlust.com

We are loving this unique design that incorporates a crossover in it.  We are planning to try to recreate this pattern and since we can’t find the original source.

When that happens we’ll definitely share the tutorial with you!

8.  Hanging from An Arrow

Macrame Wall Hanging on Arrows | WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
via Instagram

The arrows just add some fun creativity to these macrame wall hangings.  The strong V pattern makes a statement and the simplicity of this design are very appealing.

They make a great statement piece just like they are pictured, with a grouping of them.

9.  Circle Macrame Wall Hanging

Hoops with Macrame Wall Hanging Inspiration | WildlfowersAndWanderlust.com
via Etsy

The circle within a circle is  a pretty change from all the squares that you typically see in macrame design.  It definitely gives a different feeling to the art.  We think this one could be a giant statement piece or a smaller piece that is incorporated into a gallery wall.

10.  Triangle Macrame

Triangle Macrame Hanging with Floral Embellishment | WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
via Bloglovin

The flower embellishments on this piece give it all the character it needs.  This is another unique shape with the triangle holder and we love the flowing greenery that was added to it.  Wouldn’t this be pretty in a boho baby nursery?

11.  Ornament Size Macrame

Smaller Size Macrame for Ornaments or Wall Hangings | WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
via Instagram

Here are some smaller macrame wall hangings.  They would work for ornaments on a Christmas tree or hanging on you rear view mirror or keychain.  We think they’re the perfect size for filling in a small spot on your wall that just needs a little character added to it.  We’re also big fans of the round shapes since you don’t see them as often in macrame designs.

12.  Feather Macrame

Beautiful macrame feathers and a tutorial | WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
via twome

These macrame feathers just make out hearts sing.  We could wear them as earrings, add them to a keychain or embellish some of our wall hangings with them.

Be sure to check out the tutorial on how to make you own macrame feathers.  We think that you’ll be surprised at how easy they really are to make.  

So Many Knots and Patterns

There’s so much inspiration for a macrame wall hanging.  You can always purchase a macrame wall hanging that is all ready to go and hang it up.  We shared a couple great ones from Etsy and a few other spots that are ready to purchase.

Or you can make one yourself and then all you need is your imagination.

This is one of those projects that if you DIY it you can definitely use all kinds of bits and pieces left over from other projects. 

If you are a do it your selfer you will have all manner of supplies from projects and it’s always great to have new projects to use those on! 

See how that happens, one project leads to another, and another.

Just a few ideas of bits and pieces that you can use…

  • tassels
  • pom poms
  • wood beads
  • doilies
  • garland
  • flowers
  • braided or tied pieces of fabrics

You might also like our Boho Home Decor Ideas. and here are some Macrame Projects to Try!

Have you made a neutral macrame wall hanging?  We’d love to see it so tell us in the comments below or tag us and we’ll check it out. 

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Gorgeous neutral macrame for your walls that you can DIY. Or you can pick up a ready to hang wall macrame and embellish it with some leftover pieces from another DIY WildflowersAndWanderlust.com
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