The Best Fall Foods for Healthy Skin

If you’re a big fan of all the colorful foods in fall then you’re in luck. Many of these foods are great for you and we’ve got a list of the best fall foods for healthy skin and why!

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These are the Top Fall foods for Healthy Skin

Fall has a crispness to the air that we can appreciate after the sultry days of summer.  We’re more than ready to pull out our boots and flannel shirts and show them off.

Here in central Texas fall can sometimes be a tease so we might have to fake fall with really lightweight flannels and tank tops underneath, but we’ll take it.

Along with changing our wardrobe, we also change our eating habits. 

We like our meals to be a little more rich and savory than in the summertime.  I mean fall is apple season, but it’s also squash and beets.  Yum.  Just dice them up, salt them and roast them.  Delicious and pretty too!  

The changing season also brings changes to our skincare routine.  Less reapplications of sunscreen, less perspiration and drier air mean different moisturizers. Luckily, what we eat has a large effect on how our skin looks. Keep reading for our list of Fall foods for healthy skin!

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Best Fall Foods for Healthy Skin

There’s a great selection of fall foods for healthy skin and you can just look at all their brilliant colors to guess what that means. 

Those reds and oranges are packed with nutrients that will give your skin a healthy and radiant glow. 

Let’s not forget that they’re also packed with amazing flavor!

Pumpkin Seeds | Fall Foods for Healthy Skin | Wildflowers and Wanderlust

Pumpkin Seeds

If you only eat these treats when you carve pumpkins you might want to try them more often.  Pumpkin seeds are considered a superfood, and they’re a great source of zinc, along with a whole host of other minerals and vitamins.

These powerful seeds contain a combination of vitamins and minerals that aid in collagen formation and the creation of new skin cells.

Try roasting your own pumpkin seeds, all you need is a dash of salt.  They’re great by themselves but they also make a great topping on your salad or for just about anything you’d like to add a bit of crunch to.  Sprinkle them on a sweet potato to add a crunch.

Squash and Pumpkin | Fall Foods for Healthy Skin | Wildflowers and Wanderlust

Squash and Pumpkin

Squash and Pumpkin are one of the top sources of beta carotene, which our body converts into vitamin A.

Vitamin A is essential for cell regrowth and helping you glow from the inside out.  Beta carotene helps normalize oil production and fights acne and inflammation.

And we all want to fight acne and inflammation.

Both of these Fall foods can be steamed or roasted and are easily added to soups and stews. 

You know that you can eat pumpkin in just about anything – but that pumpkin spice latte doesn’t really count (unless it’s real pumpkin)!

Sweet Potatoes | Fall Foods for Healthy Skin | Wildflowers and Wanderlust

Sweet Potatoes

Did you know that sweet potatoes are one of the best acne fighters? 

That humble potato. 

These are one of the biggest sources of vitamin A and C, and they actually help prevent acne.  They also help speed up the process of healing inflammation and pesky breakouts.

These babies are delicious just baked up steamy or roasted.  And you can put just about any topping on them!  Or chunk them into soup, they’ll add a sweetness to any recipe!



If you’re not a fan of beets you should give them another try.  They are at the top of my favorite fall foods list!  And have you seen the golden beets?  You can only find them for a short time each year but they have a different and more subtle flavor to them.

Beets are pretty magical when it comes to antioxidants. 

They are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that ward off free radicals.  This means they help slow down the aging process and combat wrinkles. They’re a great veggie for detoxifying your skin.

And I have to say I will eat them everyday if they’ll combat wrinkles!

You can eat these roasted, steamed, juiced or add them to a salad!  Their bright color makes them a beautiful and tasty addition to so many dishes.

Apples | Fall Foods for Healthy Skin | Wildflowers and Wanderlust


You know how they say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? 

Turns out that an apple a day keeps the wrinkles away!

Apples are packed with vitamin C and this helps firm and tone your skin.  Vitamin C actually helps slow down the appearance of aging skin.

These are an easy snack to incorporate into your diet and at their peak in the fall since you can just grab one and bite right into it!

Salmon | Fall Foods for Healthy Skin | Wildflowers and Wanderlust


Salmon should probably be a go to for every season. 

It’s a great source of omega-3 fatty acid.  Among its’ many health benefits, it helps to calm inflammation and also creates healthy oils that literally help you glow.  Salmon provides moisturizing benefits for your skin. 

It is definitely one of the top foods for healthy skin.

Salmon is one of our go-to dinners as it makes a delicious meal and has so many health benefits. 

If you just can’t bring yourself to eat fish, this may be a time to research a fish oil supplement.

You can also download the Seafood Watch App from the Monterrey Bay Aquarium to check out all the seafood in your diet and make sure you’re choosing the best ones.  It’s a great research tool.

Pears | Fall Foods for Healthy Skin | Wildflowers and Wanderlust


Pears are great August – February and are high in fiber, vitamin C and copper.

They are fantastic raw or cooked (we love them poached!) Nothing says fall quite like a beautiful and tasty bowl of ripe pears as a centerpiece and dinner party dessert.

So what fall foods are you shopping for?

Do you consider glowing skin when you plan meals?  Do you admire all the pretty colors of these amazing foods?  Were you surprised by any of these fall foods for healthy skin?

We would love to hear your fall go-to’s in the comments below!  And be sure to save this to your favorite Pinterest board so that you can find it later.

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