The Best Mood Tracker Ideas for You to Try

We’ve been studying mood tracker ideas and inspiration because we’ve started dabbling in mood tracking.  Tracking your moods over the course of a month can help you see patterns and learn how to overcome those days that aren’t stellar for your mood.

Of course part of the research of doing anything in a bullet journal is checking out what everyone else is doing and gathering ideas.

There is no shortage of ideas and creative people in the bullet journal community. 

There is certainly no shortage of ways to make a mood tracker and how to use it.  So we found a few unique layouts that you’ll love and we hope that they’ll inspire you!

How to Use a Mood Tracker

When you first get started tracking, we think you should just think about your overall mood for the day.  This keeps it from becoming an overwhelming project. 

If you want to go much deeper into your mood tracking you might want to expand into a more detailed mood tracker.  You could check your mood several times a day, or match your mood up with your activities.  You could also try matching up your mood tracker with some of your other daily logs to get a better overview of what affects your moods.

There’s really no right or wrong way to use the mood tracker, just try it out and see what works the best for you.

Here are lot’s of great ideas that we found in mood trackers so that you’ve got lots of inspiration when you start yours!

Feel free to click through to the originals so that you can see even more great ideas and inspiration from all these creative people!

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Round Mood Tracker Ideas

Isn’t this dancer just beautiful?  This is a great way to embrace a hobby and design a a tracker that fits it.  

It’s also a simple one to fill in with only 3 colors, and you’ll notice that some days have more than one color on them.  A few days started off not so great but ended up on the happy side.  Do you think that coloring in the mood tracker helped?


This is a pretty intricate flower drawn into the middle of the circle but it has a more common concept that we’ve seen for tracking.  A circle with the dates going around clockwise.  

There are five levels from sad to happy but they aren’t designated so you can decide what level you are as you color in.  Even though they’ve designated 3 lines for each day it looks like they’re sticking to one mood per day.


Sticking with the round theme, another clockwise design.  I like this one because it’s simpler and would be easy to use for any month.

They’ve chosen four emotions to track and colors that work with their design.  Of course you can see that you can choose colors and emotions that fit your life the best and as many as you’d like to track!

Here's an example of a mood tracker that you can use for inspiration.
via Pinterest

One more round example for you so that you can see how the difference in design and colors can personalize your design and make it all your own.

Remember, the key to your planner is making it personalized to your style!


Ice Cream Mood Tracker Ideas

We’re thinking that just looking and thinking about ice cream all the time would improve anyone’s mood wouldn’t it?

This design has some pretty detailed emotions attached to it.  It’s great to identify all those emotions, especially in your first design. Once you’ve used a mood tracker for a bit you might narrow it down more.

Or you might not.


Rainbow Rain Mood Tracker Ideas

There’s some satisfaction that comes from drawing a long line with a marker isn’t there?

This tracker looks like an art piece waiting to be filled in and it’s beautiful when it’s finished (or close to finished).  That’s the key to having a tracker too.  Make it something you want to use everyday!


Balloons Mood Tracker Ideas

Right up there with the ice cream and the markers we’ll take some happy balloons.  The colors you use can change with the season but coloring in balloons should put a smile on your face no matter how you felt when you started!


Plants Tracker

If you like plants think in shades of green for your colors.  Here’s a smiling mug with a succulent in it for you to fill in!  You can use a mug or a pot and it will certainly work for any month of the year.

Color in your leaves in happy colors in your bullet journal.
via Instagram

Bubblebath Mood Tracker Idea

This is one of our absolute favorites.  Not only because #pinkismyfavoritecolor but because it’s a bubble bath.  I mean bubbles and pink, what else do you really need?

A bubblebath.  Yep, that just makes us smile thinking about it.


Bubble Gum

Well of course if you’ve got bubbles the next thought is bubble gum right?

No?  Well check out this spread and we think that you’ll agree that bubble gum should be on the list.



We think this unicorn horn is going to be beautiful when it’s colored in at the end of the month.

This is another great example of using something that inspires you to create a design.

A unicorn horn is a great idea to use for a mood tracker
via Pinterest


Isn’t the water color effect of this design just mesmerizing?  We think it’s a beautiful design to fill in and that’s what makes a great mood tracker.  

Beautiful and fun to work on.


Tea Bags

Doesn’t tea just evoke a nice calm feeling? 

Warm and cozy and relaxing?  A nice mug of tea and a cozy fire.  And a book – or a journal!

We think so and this design feels like a good late fall or winter design to use.


Rain Drops

Rain drops keep falling on my head…..dah dah dah

Have you heard that song?

Really though, spring here is pretty rainy and this is a great design to celebrate rain and shades of blue.


More Rain Drops Mood Tracker Ideas

Or take the rain drop idea a bit further and give yourself an umbrella.

Of course your mood should not dictate your manners.

So says she.

Raindrops are a great idea to fill in for a mood tracker
via Pinterest

Well what can we say?  We’ve got bubble baths, ice cream, rainbows and bubble gum on our list to make.  Not to mention unicorns and mermaids.

There are so many fun mood tracker ideas to try!

Remember that your planner is as unique as you are so choose the ideas and colors that speak to you and make you smile.  Anything that gets added to your bullet journal should be something that you enjoy using.  If it feels like a chore then you’ll resist using it.

Now all we’re missing is doughnuts.  Hmm, off to look for doughnuts.

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Lots of great mood tracker ideas to inspire your planner

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