Find Out Why You Need a Mood Tracker – and get your free printable now

Have you spent any time using a mood tracker?

Do you even know what a mood tracker is for?

I’ll admit, on this journey of using my bullet journal that a mood tracker is one of the page layouts that keeps popping up.  You know what happens when you show me these pictures all the time Pinterest?  I’ll try it.

I could count that as a win for Pinterest, but it turns out that it’s a win for me!

Funnily enough it was kind of interesting to see my moods in color and after tracking them for a month I wanted to spend a little more time figuring out how to use the information.

So I’m going to share a little bit about what you can do with a mood tracker and I’ve also got a free printable that you can download to keep track of your moods.

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Why Should I Use a Mood Tracker?

This was certainly a question that I was curious about so let me tell you what I’ve discovered.

Tracking your moods can help you identify things (called triggers) that put you in a funk.  It can be situations, people or as simple as not enough sleep.  

And for women, it can also be hormones. I know that might be a dirty little secret but IYKYK.

Now I understand if your toddler keeps you up all night that your mood might not be bright and shiny the next day.  But have you ever just felt like you were in a funk and couldn’t pinpoint the reason?

A mood tracker can help.

If you exercise and get a good night’s rest and  your mood is fantastic, then you should be repeating that. 

I hate going out to exercise, but I’ve found a couple of classes that I really like and that makes me want to go to class.

Okay, it doesn’t necessarily make me want to go, but it helps.  I really do feel great after I workout too so I know that I’ll feel better if I go to the gym.

There’s also hormone’s to deal with and I can tell you that tracking them doesn’t change them, but it does help to deal with them.  I can be sure that I don’t schedule anything to add more stress on a day I know will be tense already.

I can see the patterns to my moods when I track them and I bet you will be able to also.

How to Use a Mood Tracker

You can be as casual or as serious as you’d like about using a mood tracker in your bullet journal.  

I would suggest just starting with a daily tracker and put your overall mood for the day. 

If you’re really getting into mental health or you want to dig deep into your moods you could track it throughout the day and match it up with your activities and schedule.  That would be a pretty in depth tracker.

For my purposes I’m just going with an overall mood for the day, so that what I’m sharing.  If you click the link below it will take you to 15 more great ideas to use.

Choose the Moods You Want to Track

You can track as many different moods as you want and use as many colors as you want.

It’s important to have a key so that you can match up your mood and your tracking method.  I like to use six different mood categories in my bullet journal.

  • Happy – joyful, content
  • Sad – lonely, insecure, down
  • Energetic – productive, motivated, focused
  • Dread – fear or a sense of doom
  • Average – a day that doesn’t have any particular high or low
  • Angry – tense, anxious, frustrated, grumpy, stressed, overwhelmed

Why can I think of so many more ways to describe angry than happy?  I might need to spend some time working on that!

We’ve got some mood tracker ideas to inspire you – CLICK HERE

Choose a Color For Each Mood

You should pick the colors that you like, or change up the colors according to the time of the year.  Whatever works for you, just be sure that you have a key that matches how you’re tracking your moods.

I love to use pink for happy, blue for sad, red for anger, yellow for average and green for energetic.  Sometimes my green and pink can be interchanged because green is being in the zone and that makes me happy!

I like to keep my key at the bottom of my tracker because it makes it easier to use it.  I’m not great at having to flip around in my journal so I don’t want to make anything more work than it has to be.

Free printable mood tracker and how to use one

Click to get your free download of the Mood Tracker Download

This mood tracker is one that I made for February but it will work for any and every month because who doesn’t like hearts?  

You can download it and print it onto A4 or letter size paper at 100%.  Or if you’re crafty just sketch it right into your bullet journal or planner.  You can use the print out as a template and trace it. 

If you’re using a bullet journal then I know that you’re creative already right?

Track Your Moods

Now just color in a heart each day with the color that corresponds to your mood.

I have to write a date on my heart so that I can keep track of recording them.  If I don’t put a date on the heart I will start counting hearts and drive myself crazy if I missed one.  At least if I date them I’ll know which day I missed.

If you wind up with a day that has two very different moods then go ahead and color in half of the heart with each color.   Whatever works for you.

I always feel like my energetic and happy overlap but I have pink days that aren’t green so I just leave my green days as they are.

If you want to be more ambitious in your mood tracking, keep a journal about your daily activities.  Or keep another tracker and see how it matches up at the end of the month.

The more you use the tracker the more you’ll see patterns in your moods and months.  It can help you to focus on the positive and find strategies to deal with the negative.

It’s a great tool to learn more about yourself!

If you’re like me, then you might be surprised at what you learn about yourself!

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Be sure to save this pin to your favorite board so that you’ll be able to find this free printable later too!

You can use a mood tracker to pinpoint spots in your life to improve

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