Simple Daily Layouts To Make Your Bullet Journal

We’re sharing some of our favorite daily layout ideas for our bullet journals. Find lot’s of inspiration and ideas right here to make your bullet journal work for you!

The daily spread in the bullet journal is my favorite part.  I would dare say that it’s the most important part, but then if  you asked me about the monthly spread I would say it’s the most important.

So you can decide which one is most important to you.

And I won’t judge if tomorrow you give me a different answer!

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What is a Daily Layout or Daily Spread?

The daily spread is really like your daily calendar and to-do list.  

You can keep track of your appointments and activities for a day and also include your goals and plans. Think of it like a calendar on steroids.

It can contain what’s on your schedule, but it can also contain so much more. You can use it as a fitness tracker, a water tracker or add in your goals and dreams.

Many of my daily spaces are filled with random thoughts and notes that I want to get down on paper for later.  And this is the perfect place to keep them since I know they’ll be there to use later.


What to Put in Your Daily Log

Well let’s start with the easy stuff – you’ll want to put the date there!

Much like a calendar if you just write a day of the week it will be much harder to track what you’ve accomplished and what you’ve moved to another day to accomplish.

You’ll also want to include anything you have scheduled already, such as appointments.  Add in your goals for the day, workout anyone?  And you might want to leave some space for notes.

Or if you’re like me, lots of space for notes.

And this is one of those great things about a bullet journal.  It’s all yours.  You can leave as much or as little space as you think you’ll need. 

It’s your journal. Make it work for you.


How to Use Your Daily Layout

The best way to use a daily spread or daily log is to use it everyday.  I like to check mine first thing in the morning and last thing at night, at the very minimum.

Most of the time I have my bullet journal open next to my computer while I’m working and I use it for taking notes and checking things off my list.

The key is to making it a habit.  

You may need to start out setting a time to check in with your bullet journal everyday.  And then one day you’ll discover that you’re using it all the time.

I like to check my future log when I make up my daily’s to be sure that I’ve added in important dates like birthdays and concerts.  You knowI we buy concert tickets pretty far in advance so I have to keep track of those dates!

I also like to keep a water tracker on my daily layout page. Apparently, I am really good at drinking a lot of coffee and really bad at drinking a lot of water. My water tracker is just a series of boxes that I can check off for each glass that I drink.

The upside is that it’s visual and easy to track. The downside is that it shows me that I’m still not drinking enough water. And I’m still drinking too much coffee.

Daily Spread Layout Ideas

It’s important to have your daily layout on one page, or a portion of a page.  You need to be able to see everything for one day at a glance.

If you can’t fit all your daily items on one page I think you probably need an assistant to help you manage them all!

You can embellish your daily layout and make it easier to read by using different fonts, different colors, or banners that you draw in.

To start off try keeping it as simple as possible.  Only include what’s completely necessary for you so that you can focus on the process and the habit.

Once you’ve figured out what’s working for you,  you can figure out what you need to add. Or what you need to subtract.

It also helps to use beautiful pens and stickers or washi tape.  If you enjoy the process you will be more likely to keep repeating it.

Daily Spread Inspiration

Of course we have some inspiration for you to check out!  

These are some great ideas to copy or enhance them to make them your own.

I love that this one is about designing a life you love. She uses the same water tracking feature that I like to use – just a series of boxes. It also has lots of open space to add notes.


This example has a beautiful section on being grateful and feeling loved. That’s a wonderful reminder to have in front of you daily.


A sticky note has been added onto this daily spread and that’s a great way to move information around in your bullet journal. Or keep information that you need to hand off to someone else, like an address or phone number.

Yes I know you can send those by phone, but I’m a huge fan of pen and paper.


This is a minimalist style of a bullet journal. No fancy pens or stickers but there’s a doodle on the page. This a great example of using the journal the way it works best for you.

No need to add all the embellishments.


Here’s another daily that has the water tracker included. I guess I’m not the only one trying to drink more water.

This is my perfect style of tracker. It’s a wide open day with lots of room to fill in.


See how they used bright colors on the banners at the top? That makes this one easy to read and easy to find the date when you’re flipping through your bullet journal.


The boxes on this daily layout have space to fill in the important areas for Michal. An area to fill in the day’s schedule, a to do list, an area for expenses and a nice space for notes.

Having them divided this way can make it easy to transfer any of the information to another place. If you wanted to move your daily expenses to a monthly spread for instance.


This spread shows you how to include your daily spots into a weekly style spread. You have space for everything you need to do each day, but it is organized into a week at a glance.


I have to say I like the idea of just making up an ideal day!


Let’s end with a beautiful daily spread that talks about coffee.

I won’t tell anyone if you won’t.

I have to go now, I think I need a cup of coffee.


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